Is your disorganisation holding you back and taking up more time in your business?

Are you struggling to find any time to get organised online, and now finding that it’s impacting on your energy and happiness?

Are you ready to create more time for you and growing your biz, and feel awesome because you have more freedom?
I want to help you get organised online, but I know it’s not going to happen in a one-off session – AND I don’t want to leave you feeling overwhelmed, with more on your to do list than ever before.
6 hours divided into 3 x 1:1 coaching sessions, and 3 x Done For You hours
Our 1:1 coaching sessions will cover solutions & strategies for helping you get organised.
We’ll prioritise the issues, and then set up a plan for tackling them to help you move forward and streamline your business.
Together, we’ll prioritise what you need the most, and I’ll show you how to do it on-the-go, saving you masses of time and headaches online.
I’ll also train you how to use any online systems we use, or show you how to do it.
Here’s a guide to some of the areas we can cover:
– managing your time without burning out
– managing your tasks effectively, so you don’t have to remember everything
– organising your Inbox
– planning for better work life balance
– scheduling your work, and setting up sustainable systems (guidelines that don’t leave you exhausted)
– managing your paper/ screen balance, and all of the information you have
We can use either Evernote, Asana, or Trello, Google Calendar, iCal, Gmail, Mail, Outlook.
The Done For You Sessions will need to be determined, but here are some suggestions to get you started :
– setting up a Business Hub for you (in Evernote, Trello or Asana)
– creating videos to show you how to use it
– setting up your online marketing funnel systems so that you can wow your clients with the information they need automatically
– setting up your online scheduling calendar
– setting up your email sequences in Mailchimp (you’ll provide the content)
– filing your Evernote notes so that you can find stuff
Can you imagine how you’d feel if this could get done? You’d be so energised and inspired your be buzzing!
So, streamline your business, get your systems set up, so that you are ready to outsource, so that you can launch your next program, so that you can create your podcast, or just have the freedom and balance that you dreamed of when you became an entrepreneur.
You can have 6 hours of me, my wisdom, systems, any relevant training & templates for $497
Or pay in 2 installments of $250 each, payable after the second hour has been completed.

Pay in Full, or 2 Installments

Before I met Aerlie, I was overloaded and over committed, trying to do too many things in limited time. I wanted to be guided into change and not dictated about what I should do and how to do it, but to explore new ways to work and be organised, and Aerlie was a perfect fit. 

Working full time, I’m more conscious of the limited time I have to build my business and the foundations needed support it moving forward.
My newly learnt organisation skills has taken the pressure off, I’ve compartmentalised what I need to do, and I can approach it instead of it floating in my mind repeating itself.

Aerlie is so approachable & patient. I feel the self imposed pressure has come off my shoulders and I now look at one thing at a time and get it done. Aerlie showed me that over-commitment actually hampers my delivery, and the softness and certainty of how she works is attractive.

I am simply more productive now.
I highly recommend working with Aerlie, I’m sure I will be using her services again in the future.

Alison Hawkins

Alison Hawkins Kinesiology