#nomoreburnout: Accountability, Systems, Scheduling & Support

Imagine if you had someone on your team, helping you get organised with your time, and all of the supportive systems you need to set up to get your work life balance back.

Together, we’ll work on your schedule, and look at daily habits, daily planning, weekly scheduling and bigger picture planning to help you manage your schedule so that you don’t burn out.

Along with that are all the other guidelines that you need to put in place to support a more supportive and balanced business.
If you’ve already spread yourself too thin, then we’ll need to look at how to incorporate self care, me time, family time, and other guidelines that help you stay focussed and productive when you need to work, but allow you the freedom to have a life you love.

Our first session is a 60 minute blitz – we’ll work out exactly what you need to do for the next month to help you organise your time.
Session 2 is 30 minutes of checking in, reviewing, planning and tweaking.

The best thing – you can have me on your team for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months!

Each month, we’ll check in fortnightly for 30 minutes, and I’ll also share my planning templates, scheduling videos and How-To’s, and show you how to set up the guidelines and supportive habits that are best for you.

I want to help you work in a way that helps you feel on fire, not burnt out. #nomoreburnout

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