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Does this sound like you?
You have all of your business ops in your head – but it’s getting in the way of your success!
It’s a scary thought – but true for many business owners. It’s natural. Your business has only been able to grow with you remembering all of the ‘extra’ business ops that need doing to keep the business ticking over.

You’re business has grown, and you’ve hired more people, however you’re still deep in the day to day operations of business. You’re the only one that knows it all.
Your business would be lost without you.

But….this means holidays are few and far between (despite COVID).
This means that you have to spend much of your time answering questions, checking up on elements, doing some of the admin, making sure everything happens right on time. It’s draining and no doubt you need a break – but you can’t. It feels like you’re stuck in the never ending cycle of managing your business.


2 Guaranteed Tips for your business ops that lead to your holiday


Ready for your holiday? Let’s get into the 2 guaranteed tips your business needs.

Running a business is not rocket science, but getting clear on WHAT needs to happen in your business ops and HOW to do it allows you to finally step away from the day to day running.

Here’s some scenarios that might resonate for you:
    • getting frustrated with your team for not getting tasks completed in a timely way
    • spending your time answering questions
    • needing to remember to follow up and check on deadlines personally
    • aspects of work not completed to the standard that you expect
    • your team only have part of the picture, and the rest is still in your head, so you have to continue with that piece of the service

If any of these sound familiar, then the first place I would start is with the business operations. Blaming your team might be the first place you go, but the team are actually often not the issue.

Here’s why:
When your team have clear operations and processes to follow
they are more confident because they know exactly what’s required
they ask less questions because they already have the answers
they become more efficient because they’re not trying to reinvent the wheel
they can see when everything is due and prioritise effectively
you have more time to go on holiday!

Taking time out to set up the WHAT and the HOW of your business ops is a guaranteed way for you to start stepping away from the day to day details.

Until your business ops are clearly defined and managed, you will stay stuck!

How to set up your business ops so that you can go on holiday:
Capture the WHAT AND HOW of your business ops.
#1. Map out all of the steps involved in delivery your service from start to finish.
#2. Map out all of the other recurring operations steps required to keep your business running

These 2 are the ‘WHAT’ in your business. The tasks, the ops

The third step is to document HOW

#3. Document the processes or procedures for these steps.

#4. Bonus: Use a project management tool like ClickUp Asana or Monday.com to track the steps, so that you and the team can see the progress.

These are 2 foundations of your business. Once they are outlined and documented, the business steps being reliant on what you know. The IP of your business is recorded, and you can start to plan your holiday!

If you haven’t done this in your business before, this can feel like a huge job.
If you have done some, but not all, and it feels like a bit of a mess – keep going!
It’s worth it.

Imagine being able to wake up on your first day of holidays and NOT have to check your phone, or check in on the team.

Imagine feeling such trust in your business ops and your team that you could really have some down time and actually relax.

Imagine being able to move forward on the ‘other’ project you’ve been dreaming of for ages but never had time for!

None of these will be guaranteed until you have your business ops documented – and the sooner you start, the closer you will be to that sunny beach holiday!

Final tip – I can help you get this done even faster!
I’m a clickUp Consultant and Asana Certified Pro, and I can help you document and organise your business processes.