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Any email hack that helps me stay organised and less overwhelmed is a winner for me! As a ClickUp Vetted Consultant, I’m already sold with ClickUp, but being able to set up these three email hacks so that I can have one place for task management, and help my clients be more organised is something I have to share!
Does this sound like you? You have a to do list – great. However, you also have another important to do list often running from your Inbox. Am I right?
This often makes it hard to prioritise and get out of your Inbox, because it’s probably one of the first things you check and respond to every day. Responding quickly to clients and enquiries is important, but I do feel like a LOT of time is spent there, as it’s reactive. Before you know it, the control you had around your day is gone, because you’ve spent an hour responding to emails that weren’t actually urgent.
Another area that tends to get tangled up and feels disorganised can be email threads with people – clients or leads. Tracking a whole conversation in one place can be difficult (and probably one of the reasons why we end up being reactive in our Inbox).
ClickUp won’t solve all of these problems, but with these email hacks, it will sure help you stay organised and streamline your time management (aka save time!)

3 ClickUp Email Hacks for Better Productivity

Today I’m sharing 3 email hacks with ClickUp that can give your productivity a huge boost.

#1 ClickUp launched Email in January 2021

Imagine having all of the to do’s for a client in ClickUp AND the email communication with your client there too. Now they don’t need to see how you work, and what you’re doing (unless you want them to), but it means that everything is in one place, one task, or one thread.

email hack

You can literally send an email to anyone from ClickUp!
If you have the Business level, you also have the ability to set up email templates (YES!!) and your signature. This is like having a CRM and task management and team management platform all in one.
To find the email link for any list, click on the 3 dots next to the list and look for the envelope icon.

#2 Add a ClickUp List to your Address Book

If you have one list where you ‘triage’ your to do’s, then getting the email link from ClickUp and adding it to your Email Address Book means that you can quickly forward any email to that list.
This email hack is such a huge time saver, as it’s a great way to defer your response, but know that its still in your to do list. You can action it when you are working on those tasks, instead of it getting lost in your email scroll, or forgotten.
Bonus Hack: You can even add a Due Date and tag to the email subject for even better management.

#3 Gmail and Outlook Integration

This is another email hack that makes sorting your emails to action into their correct ClickUp lists a breeze.
I’ve recently switched to Gmail so that I can take advantage of this email hack!
It works in the Chome extension (and possibly others).
Any email that I have has a ClickUp button, which then allows me to attach the email to an existing task, or create a new task.
If I create a new task, I can then select any space, folder or list, the due date, who to assign it to, and add any additional description/ instructions for actioning.
This instantly means that I can achieve the following:
  • create ONE place for all of my tasks
  • file my tasks in their correct locations as I go
  • keep any correspondence with the task so that it’s there if I need it
  • if I send emails from ClickUp, then all of the email thread and attachments are tracked.

This feels organised, and helps me feel in control and confident. I don’t want overwhelm in my business, so any system that supports organisation is good for me. What about you?

Your next steps:

If you’re interested in ClickUp and want to test it out, here’s a discount code (it also gives me a small commission if you decide to sign up with ClickUp).

If you’re interested in fast tracking your ClickUp learning (because there’s a LOT to take in) then check out the dates for my next ClickUp workshop. 

**At the time of publishing, the next ClickUp Workshop is Feb 2, 2021