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Business and life move fast. Taking time out to make a plan for the next few months can seem counter-intuitive when you’re flat out, but staying strategic rather than reactive is essential. With the start of a new quarter, and half  of a year gone already, there’s an opportunity for a fresh start, clean slate, new energy.

In today’s episode of The Business Efficiency Podcast, I’m tackling quarterly planning. I like quarterly planning for it’s structure, but also the balance of big picture strategy and the ability to get some quick wins in. 

I’ve completed some research lately, and can confirm that bright shiny object syndrome as well as not having the quarterly plan front of mind are where many get tripped up. Today’s episode covers 6 tips to help you make your quarter planning a success, and as a business efficiency expert, including your project management tool into your planning and implementation is key to this!

Stay tuned to all of these recommendations to help you set up the rest of your year for success.

At the end of the podcast, I share some information about a special Planning Workshop I am hosting on 22 July in Adelaide that includes a planning template and walk through the Parklands with Walk and Talk Therapist Ailsa Robson. A very unique offer and day for you to work ON your business and create a realistic roadmap for your business.


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Planning Workshop

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