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Aerlie’s Christmas Disasters

Aerlies Christmas DisastersI’m sharing my Christmas disasters with you in the spirit of Christmas, and because I don’t want you to make these mistakes!!!

Disaster #1
A rookie mistake – trying to impress my family (and in laws) with a gorgeous lunch…I had planned a salmon dish, because I wanted to do something other than turkey & roast veg, but I didn’t really plan ahead and think that I might need to
a) order it – because when I went to buy it (later on Christmas Eve, so it would be fresh) there were none available, and not much else to choose from!  Roast chicken in the end!
b)  sell a kidney to be able to afford it.  Obviously I’d never brought salmon before and had no idea just how much it was going to cost, let alone at Christmas time!
Not my best effort.

Disaster #2
Not planning my present buying, or putting much thought into presents for others until the last minute, so that one year, I was stuck at the mall, wandering aimlessly on Christmas Eve, exhausted and bruised because everyone else was there too and it was horrible.  I had run out of decision making powers because I was so exhausted, and had absolutely no idea what to buy my mother in law, or my dad. No rationality left, so I ended up buying the worst presents ever.  My dad scored a box of shortbread biscuits, and my mother in law received a salad bowl (of which she has at least 8 already!).
Major fail.

Disaster #3
Taking on too much.
Working close to full time hours, and agreeing to organise the family Christmas, with a toddler too.
Lesson learnt – I was totally exhausted, didn’t enjoy it and couldn’t wait til it was over so that I could crash.

Disaster #4
That terrible feeling when you arrive somewhere for a Christmas gathering and someone has a present for you that you didn’t expect and you don’t have one for them.
So there’s that awkward feeling and embarrassing conversation I had to have and the guilt!
Be prepared and have extras!

Disaster #5
I seem to get carried away with the Christmas stuff, and forget that it’s the end of the year and I need to do the Thank you’s too, so two year’s ago I rocked up to the last day of school at the Child Care Centre and everyone else was handing out or receiving gifts….doh – had nothing – terrible mother moment!

Disaster #6
Having a lovely idea of getting my 4 year old to help make me some Christmas cards… my simple classic design just involved a glitter covered star…you can tell where this is going….
Yes – there was glitter EVERYWHERE, but she also decided to draw the stars in lead pencil herself, put the glue on, and write names on each one…. not just a quick job done one afternoon!

So – PLEASE don’t make these mistakes yourself!  They aren’t worth the extra stress, money to buy extra cards, or ‘forgotten thank you’ guilt!

That’s why I created the Easy Evernote Christmas Planner – so that you will be 100% on top of everything – AND have recorded a short video for you.
(password = xmas)

The free training covers how to organise clip and upload your shopping ideas and menu ideas.  This also help keep your kitchen benches clutter free too!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this free training video:

  • How to tag notes so you can find them later
  • How to clip your online shopping wishlist
  • How to create the perfect Christmas menu
  • How to get Grandma to buy the gifts you want for the kids!
  • How to plan December so that you don’t burn out

I’ve set all of these up so that you DON’T have to make these mistakes again!

The Easy Evernote Christmas Planner has over 30 templates:

  • Dear Santa Letter
  • Gifts Budget
  • Gifts List
  • Kid’s Wishlist
  • Handmade Gift Ideas
  • My Wishlist
  • Checklist
  • December Calendar
  • Craft Ideas for the Kids
  • Party Planner
  • Christmas Breakfast
  • Christmas Lunch
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Christmas Music
  • Shopping Guides & Websites
  • Our Family Traditions
  • Outfits for parties
  • School Concert & End of Year Planning
  • Teacher Present Ideas
  • Budget Planner (Food)
  • Decorations
  • Advent Calendar
  • New Year’s Eve Party Plan
  • Self Care Plan
  • Christmas Eve Planning

You can buy all of this for only $27!