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Asana Professional Services

Strategic Advice

from an

Asana Certified Pro

95% of Asana users do not use it effectively. Are you one of them?

Asana Professional Services Can Drive Productivity and Efficiency

As an Asana Certified Pro, I’ve consulted with many businesses over the years. And with the help of my Asana professional services, we’ve designed workflows and business hubs so that small teams can easily keep on top of all of the moving parts of their business.

Utilising project management platform Asana to help you capture, organise and track your operations provides a strong foundation for your business.

However, the productivity and efficiency gains you are looking for are lost if your team are not using Asana to communicate, collaborate and co-ordinate.

**Asana is so much more than a giant to do list!

When Should You Consider Asana Professional Services?

Many of my Asana clients have been using Asana for a while, and my strategic advice comes in to play when they need to:

  • get organised
  • train new team members
  • give the whole team a recap on how to use Asana effectively
  • integrate Asana with other important team tools such as email, Slack, time tracking and others.
  • develop templates to streamline projects
  • create workflow design

If you’re ready to get your business and processes organised, look no further.


How Asana improves your business organisation:


  • Capturing all of the tasks, ideas, leads, projects, clients, details of a project or area of your business
  • Template functionality to help you manage projects
  • Easily prioritise your day, regardless of which project tasks you have
  • Boost your productivity and save time
  • Tracking progress on your tasks and projects
  • Collaborating with ease
  • Simple reporting on overdue tasks, workload, tagged tasks from any project…the list is endless

Asana Professional Services

With my Asana professional services, I can provide consultation on your Asana set up. And I can provide team training to get everyone up to the same level, and using Asana effectively.

Whether you need support getting clear on your workflows first, a full set up, or just a ‘Am i doing it right?’ session, I can make this easier for you.

Alternatively, if you’re the one in your business that has set it up, and want an experienced eye to look over it before you start to roll it out to the rest of your team, a 90 min strategy session is a great option.

We could cover

  • a specific issue
  • troubleshoot
  • review the structure
  • workflow design
  • training on additional features
  • strategy for how to get the most out of it

Check out the Asana professional services packages below:



Strategic Advice on Set up & Workflows


Review Structure

Training on additional features

Strategy for optimising integrations

Feedback & Recommendations

Team Training

Workflow Design 


Asana REVIEW &






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