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I’ve been writing about ‘how to be productive’ for a few years now, and I’m a bit of an expert at it.  I can talk til the cows come home about all of the strategies you need to do to get more done.
Today I’m taking a different approach, and giving you a heads up on all of the bad habits that you (and me, on occasion 🙂 ) do that make the wheels come to a grinding halt.
It’s my List of What Not To Do
I truly believe that taking good care of yourself is 100% essential to being productive and ticking things off your list.  We all know it actually – it’s just that the bad habits often kick in, our brains turn off, and despite knowing the benefits, we indulge in destructive behaviours – or cleaning! It’s still self-sabotage and the feelings of frustration at ourselves lingers, because there is still a long list of things to do.
Here’s my list of what NOT to do if you need to get something done:
What NOT to do:
Opening Facebook ‘just to check a few things’
an hour later, and still no real work done
Sitting on the couch to ‘work’ while the TV is on
an hour later, and still no real work done
Playing games on your mobile
an hour later, and still no real work done
Checking SM and Emails first thing in the morning
two hours later, and still no real work done
Stay up really late tweaking something
next day, no real work done
Multi-task – browser tabs open, emails open…
an hour later, and still no real work done
an hour later, you have a clean bathroom and the washing folded – mini win, but no real work done
We all have a huge list of things to do (OK – most of the time), but we still procrastinate.  Yes – I’m using the royal ‘we’ here.  I can be just as guilty of this one as the next person with a giant to-do list.  Even when I have lots to do, I find myself falling into this trap – very easily, and unless I tap into this secret, it continues to happen.
So how do I get things done?
For me, clarity leads to momentum and motivation. I can’t get it done if I’m not really sure what I need to do.  That’s when the procrastination and self sabotage kick in.
So, knowing what stops that momentum and productivity can have a huge impact on your life and your To-do list.  Get to know what your actions are like when you’re fluffing around. The better you know them, the quicker you can turn them around.  Awareness is the first step to changing habits!
Here’s how:
1. Make a note of your top 3 procrastination habits
2. Each time you see yourself do any of these, stop and check your to do list.
Bring your mind back to what you need to be doing.
3. Check the To-Do list – is the action clear?  Here’s a good way to make your To Do list work
aerlie wildy, productivity and life coach
Side note: I used to be terrible at this.  My lists used to be blog, social media, write opt-in – nowhere near clear enough.  A To-do list is such as important part of the productivity package, and as I said above, if it’s not clear, it won’t happen.
Keep it simple and clear by using a verb, a noun and a time limit.
4. After you’ve done one task, take a little break and do one of your procrastination habits, not as procrastination, but as a reward, or a chance to break before getting into the next task.
You might find that when you turn your procrastination behaviours into rewards, they start decreasing, because you’re building your focus muscle!

Your Next Step

If you want some support to help fast track this process, or help you transition to Dubsado, then can book a  free systems audit with me so we can determine where to start, and what you need to get up and running with your workflows and systems.
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aerlie small business coach
Aerlie Wildy is a business designer. business coach and mother based in the Adelaide Hills. I specialise in designing and systemising business for growth. You can connect with me on Facebook, join my Chief Executive Entrepreneurs Facebook Group, check out my Youtube Channel or Pin with me on Pinterest.
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