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I get so excited when I get a new client. I want to promise them the world – and I have to bite my tongue so that I don’t!
I’ve made that mistake before – and it leaves an awkward feeling at the end of a program when I have to explain myself.
Have you ever done that? (See below for 4 suggestions of what NOT to do!)
 Build Relationships with New Clients
If you have, then you will now be thinking about your document set up and the digital flow of receiving payment and signing them up.
The Welcome Package is the perfect way to make your clients feel at ease, and reassure them about what’s happening next and what they can expect.
It goes a long way towards creating a really positive and open relationship – especially if it’s for a longer term 1:1 service. It will allow you to be on the same page much quicker, as you will have headed off most questions – and you can get on with providing them with great value.
However, there are some common mistakes that I’ve made or researched, that I want to alert you to – so that you can sidestep them and get on with doing it your way!

How to Build Relationships with New Clients

  1. Try not to over-deliver!

    As I mentioned – I’ve definitely been guilty of doing this in the past, and then kicking myself later because it’s just ended up putting me under pressure.

    Chances are they would have signed up without the 3 extra bonuses!
    You can still provide awesome value – but if you are clear about what’s feasible and then OVER-deliver – well, that’s just so much more powerful!

  2. Re-iterate the scope of works, and be clear about what is not included.

    You probably have the scope of works set out in the offer, as well as in a contract (here’s a bonus tip if you don’t!), so that you have a reference point for later discussion.
    It doesn’t hurt to specify what is not included, but there’s nothing stopping you from offering that service additionally – perhaps at a reduced fee because they are a VIP client. 🙂 (Hello upsell!)

  3. Don’t leave them hanging until Start Day!

    If they’ve been in a funnel, receiving emails for you, you’ve had conversations with them, and they’ve finally decided to sign up – stay in touch with them!

    There’s nothing worse than saying yes, paying money out and then hearing nothing until the official start day – especially if you have a wait list.

    Check in with them, provide some resources or past blog posts that might be relevant, ask them questions… just try and keep them warm, cozy and loved.

  4. Try not to over-complicate the process

    If they have to go ‘here’ to pay, somewhere else to make an appointment, then back to a website for the next step, find a log in…you get the picture. It’s frustrating!

    This is where streamlining the digital flow of client onboarding becomes really important – and where you can give them log ins, one link that takes payment and booking, one contract to sign (without having to print, sign, scan, upload and email back).

Integrating the customer journey once they sign up can be complicated if you’re not feeling tech-confident.

Want a checklist to get you started? I’ve included a few extra ideas to really WOW your new clients.

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If you want some support to help fast track this process, or help you transition to Dubsado, then can book a  free systems audit with me so we can determine where to start, and what you need to get up and running with your workflows and systems.
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Aerlie Wildy is a business designer. business coach and mother based in the Adelaide Hills. I specialise in designing and systemising business for growth. You can connect with me on Facebook, join my Chief Executive Entrepreneurs Facebook Group, check out my Youtube Channel or Pin with me on Pinterest.