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“I cannot begin to describe how powerful her password ‘Iambeautiful” has been. It put a smile on my face every time I type it – something so little canmean a lot. It gave me strength and confidence to open my mind and embrace my learning.
Aerlie’s course has something everyone can learn. There is a wealth of information available and it is a nice thing to sit and think about regularly. For me it has been a confidence booster and has made me feel powerful towards work, family, and social issues.

Donna, Mum of 3 & Small Business Owner

Thank you! As an already organised person, I wasn’t sure how much value I’d get out of Mum’s Power Tools but I signed up anyway because I liked Aerlie’s style!  I was pleasantly surprised to find gold nuggets of information every week and have now implemented some strategies that are definitely making my life easier!

Lisa, Mum of 2 & Working Part Time