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Business Improvement Plan 


Business Improvement Plan


Do you need clarity on how you consolidate all of the moving parts of your business?

Do you need to know what steps to put in place to translate your business plan into action efficiently?

The Business Improvement Plan is a 2 hour strategy session that I provide for all of my clients. It has such value for kicking us off and getting clear on all of the details – so I’m offering it to you too.

Here’s what we cover in this session:

  • your business vision
  • your client workflow (sometimes called the client journey) from enquiry to service completion
  • how you are tracking and managing your business operations – for your clients and your team
  • where the gaps are in this tracking and managing
  • where the gaps are in your process documentation

After the session, you will be provided with a Business Improvement Plan that outlines the steps you need to take to help your business run more efficiently.


Can you imagine having your business vision translated and broken down for you. You would know exactly where you are heading and the resources you need to feel confident in delivering amazing service for your clients, knowing exactly where each project is up to, and having processes documented for your team to work with.

This alone would give you the space to breath, perhaps go on a holiday, sleep soundly without the mental scan each night of what might have been missed, or even plan your next big thing!

The Business Improvement Plan is $500+GST.


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business efficiency consultant
business efficiency consultant
business efficiency consultant