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Clutter blocks creativity. As a business owner, there are a lot of mental work, and this can often feel cluttered. Add in the cloud and tech stack of managing a business, and there are lot of elements to keep organised.

A disorganised business, where files, information, processes, content, images… #allthethings are all over the place, and the mental load increases and it can all feel overwhelming.

In today’s episode of The Business Efficiency Podcast, I share how this overwhelming feeling felt for me, in a physical sense. Not knowing how to move forward, or sideways, and feeling stuck from all of the clutter mentally, and in my business was a key driver in me knowing that getting organised helps me be creative and drive my business forward.

I’m sharing 3 of my top tips to help keep your business organised so that you can reduce the overwhelm, protect your time boundaries, stay organised and reduce the double handling of files, emails, tasks, information. These tips might be small, but they can make a big impact on your sense of control, confidence and level of overwhelm.


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