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10 Things you Never Knew about Aerlie

Intrigued?  I’m an interesting character! Here’s some more interesting things you would never have guessed about me. Enjoy! I play netball – yep – still I’m a country girl – from the South East of South Australia I won a music scholarship in my...

What Family Means to Me

When I peel back all of the layers of why I’m doing this now, how I made it to this point, what it means to me and what drives me, I arrive at FAMILY. So many variations, but any connotation is important – for everyone. It provides stability, community, strength,...

How to Negotiate Me-Time in 4 Steps

If you’re anything like me, you daydream about all of the things you could do if you just had more time to yourself.  I used to have vivid fantasies about me doing yoga, or meditating, or going out with friends, or just sitting in a beautiful spot enjoying the peace...

How to Do Childcare Drop Off with No Tears

Does your child suffer from separation anxiety? Originally published for ContentKids Magazine, September 2014 Sitting in the car balling your eyes out after leaving your screaming child in care is gut wrenching. Talk about piling on the mother’s guilt. Separation...