At the start of the year, I wrote a blog called 15 in 2015. A list of 15 things I wanted work on and improve – stated out loud to the world.
I’ve gone back this morning to check in on the list, and done a quick round up, and it’s such a good exercise to do.
I’ve definitely had moments where I wasn’t sure if I was making headway, but this is absolute evidence that I have! Now I’m feeling ready for 2016!
Here’s a quick summary:
  1. Clarity: Yep – build on this on massively over the year, and feeling stronger in what I say and do more than ever….
    I’m on a mission to help women in business stop burning out #nomoreburnout
    I do this with my unique and practical combination of knowledge and skills around planning, productivity, time management, self care and managing distractions.
    It’s HOW you work that’s the difference between achieving your goals and feeling stuck and overwhelmed.
    aerlie wildy, business coach
  2. Stats: I’ve been tracking my social media and list stats regularly for the last 6 months. I actually didn’t think I needed to do this, because there was a period where they were growing really slowly, but now I have learnt a valuable lesson about how important it is to measure something – because that way you can check your progress against it. I’m now applying this in a much much bigger way in my 2016 Plan
  3. Being Myself: I avoided selfie’s on my Facebook page for a LONG time, but it’s such an important way for you to get to know me, so I’m getting in to it now – and letting more of you see me. My video’s – make up free and often sweaty after a spark of insight during a walk – are a highlight for me!
  4. Creating Regular Content: This goal had a large slump in the middle of the year, but I’m happy to say it’s picked up considerably, and I have plans to put even more content out next year.
    I’ve taken my own advice – creating content helps you get unstuck. If I’m not putting anything out there – then I’m not getting any feedback, so I will continue to create, get feedback and turn that feedback into more valuable content. #igotthis
  5. Product Development: I now have a suite of products on my website, as well as the confidence to create special one off deals for specific Facebook groups only. Feeling much more organised about this, as well as having a clearer direction for 2016.
  6. Income: This year hasn’t exactly been easy. It feels like a year of consolidation, where I’ve pooled together all of my learning, and knowledge, which at times has been frustrating. I kind of feel that it was the year I had to have, because I now sit comfortably in my role as a Business Coach, confident in the knowledge that I have supported many many women in business to feel less overwhelmed, more in control, and that means that their businesses, families and health will benefit.
    The last few months have been excellent, and I know I have credibility, expertise, evidence and trust my knowledge and skills, so much more! It’s definitely a rollercoaster ride!
  7. Getting help: This was a big feature for me this year, and I have to say thank you to Kate White from The Life Collective for her patience and support. She has guided me through some huge changes and her input and advice has been a lifesaver. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely life, so being able to connect with her and talk through my ideas was a fantastic process and formed a huge part of my growth to here.
  8. Engaging in Groups: I’ve specifically made a point of this in 2015, and I have to say it has been a life saver. Being part of a group, connecting with people, supporting them, and being supported when needed, in the save virtual environments that have been created and managed in the groups is a testament to the people that run them.
    I’ve also start my own group called #nomoreburnout Female Entrepreneurs on Fire – it’s about supporting female entrepreneurs when they feel overwhelmed, help with managing burnout, and helping them feel on fire! I have to admit that #musicmonday is my favourite day of the week!
  9. A great start to the day: I still LOVE mornings, and love the mornings where I get to do the Magic 5! They are walk the dog, listen to music, coffee, plan my day and have a lemon drink. I have reduced the lemon drink though, as I could feel it affecting my teeth. Now I sprinkle Jamie’s Dust on fruit and yoghurt, and that’s nearly as good! (Nuts, dried fruit, oats, orange rind, ground coffee & cocoa – blitzed = YUM)
  10. Letting go: Definitely better at this one, but there are always new things that come up. Surrendering to school holidays is always a tricky one for me!
  11. Systems for Freedom: So in 2015 I have crowned myself the Evernote Queen, and can’t say enough about how it has improved my life! I’ve created products about it, and have a webinar planned on it in a few weeks. I’ve also implemented several more systems for managing overwhelm, and automating processes, and I LOVE the space it creates in my brain!
    aerlie wildy
  12. Turning 40: Did it and survived. Feeling good!
  13. Selfcare: This one has actually formed the key to my business. Realising the importance of self care, and not pushing too hard is actually a good strategy has been enlightening for me! I work better when I’m not exhausted, burnt out or overwhelmed, so self care is actually a key to productivity, clarity, managing overwhelm and getting unstuck. It’s now one of the pillars of my business!
  14. Tripling My List: Done!
  15. Website Tweaks: Done!
They were the things I wanted to focus on in 2015, so I think I’ve done well.
On top of this, I’ve also:
– Created the Freedom Framework – an Evernote Product and Template Suite
– Created the Most Productive Day Mini Course about Email Management
– Created over 16 Balance and Business Video Blogs
– Created the Powerful Planning Mini Course
– Hosted 2 webinars
– Coached over 30 amazing female entrepreneurs
– Set up the On Fire Program (Ready for Feb 1)
– Become a School Choir and Recorder Teacher
– Been a part of the School Fundraising Committee raising nearly $8000 (not bad for a school of less than 100 kids)
And there’s probably lot’s more, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head!
I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved, and I can’t wait until next year, to really be on fire!
Prepare to declutter, organise, plan & get set for an amazing 2016.
aerlie wildy, business coach

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