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Does your business need ClickUp training? ClickUp is the fastest growing productivity platform for business. And the noise about this amazing tool for your business is just growing louder. I’ve even been known to dream about different business uses and how I could set them up in ClickUp!

I’ve spent my time learning and testing ClickUp so that you don’t have to.

If you’re looking for a tool that ticks all of the boxes, look no further.

If you’re ready to get your business and processes organised, look no further.

And if you want a customised tool for managing your business, clients, workflows and team – one place, one platform for everything, look no further. With ClickUp training I’ll get you up and running quickly and seamlessly.


How ClickUp improves your business productivity:

  • Simplify and streamline your workflows.
  • Create templates to help you manage, delegate and track tasks so that your clients all receive the same amazing service.
  • Create automations to reassign tasks to keep your workflow moving, and your team up to date with the progress.
  • Boost your productivity and save time.
  • Set up your ClickUp to help everyone prioritise with ease using custom views, track time and manage workloads so you have attention to detail as well as the bird’s eye view.
  • Utilise internal communication to collaborate on tasks.
  • No more drowning in thread chats! You can keep the conversation moving – all in one platform, and on task where it’s needed and transparent. Your team can now collaborate effectively.


ClickUp Training and Consulting Services

Don’t waste time trying to get ClickUp set up and optimised for you and your team.

My ClickUp training and consulting services will get you up and running quickly and effectively, to upskill your team and support the transition.

Whether you need support establishing workflows, a full consulting service, I can make transitioning and using ClickUp easier for you.

ClickUp Review & 90 Min Strategy Session

Are you a new ClickUp user? Perhaps you want to check if you’ve set it up effectively?

If you’re new to ClickUp, or new to using a project management platform, this is a huge jump. Getting the set up right can be overwhelming. 

If you’re the one in your business that has set it up, you might want an experienced eye to look over it before you start to roll it out to the rest of your team. This 90 minute session might be perfect for you. 

We could cover:

  • setting up the hierarchy and the structure
  • training on advanced features
  • strategy for how to get the most out of it
  • setting up your workflow into ClickUp
  • setting up your lead tracking and client tracking
  • troubleshooting a list of issues

Want to set ClickUp up yourself, but need some guidance on strategy, reporting, advanced features or some other ClickUp training?

Check out the packages below:



Cover a specific issue


Review Structure

Training on additional features

Strategy for optimising ClickUp features

Map out strategy for you to set it up

Regular Feedback & Recommendations

Team Training

Support adding reporting dashboards, team chat & optimisations

Support adding reporting dashboards, team chat & optimisations








Your Text




3 hour Deep Dive
+ 3 Hour Set up

Team Training can be added to this package.



ClickUp Training

If you’d like your whole team to learn how to be more confident with ClickUp, there are a few options for you.

Before I conduct any ClickUp training, I need to check in on your set up, and ensure that it’s optimised and working well for you.

My training covers these topics as well as using your customised setup :

  • Overview and navigating around ClickUp
  • Task and Project Management
  • Personal Productivity
  • Team Collaboration

Option 1:

Book a ClickUp Review first, and we can discuss your training requirements. 

You may need one or two sessions, depending on the complexity of the set up.

Option 2: 

Access the ClickUp Confident course, featuring over 60 tutorial videos and demonstrating all of the features of ClickUp, and design to help you get set up and started.