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It’s designed to help you keep tabs on everything – for women who wear many hats!
I could never find one that had all of the things I wanted, so I designed my own, and it’s been a real game changer.

I’m sharing it with you, plus a video on how I use it – all for FREE!

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xx Aerlie




Hi I’m Aerlie

I’m a Business & Life Coach helping women in business work sustainably – without burning out. I created my own tools and systems to help me manage my time, do my best work, be productive, AND have time for the things that nourished me, because they gave me the energy I needed to feel on fire.

Taking care of me and doing what’s best for me is the best way to be productive, to manage my stress, build my confidence – to just be.

When you get that right, the perfectionism and comparisons become irrelevant, and the self beliefs grows – all creating beautiful energy and helping you thrive.