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This is the year you finally get organised for Christmas!

The Easy Evernote Christmas is a planner to help make Christmas run smoothly this year.

Perfect for

  • keeping ALL of your gift ideas in one place – accessible anytime
  • planning your end of year events and December Calendar
  • planning your Christmas Day and NYE parties
  • saving gift ideas when you see them on the web
  • taking a photo at a shop and saving it in a note for later (like when you see the perfect present you want your partner to buy you!)
  • saving recipe ideas from the web to WOW your family – Yes you don’t have to rip out recipes from magazines and keep them on the kitchen bench!
  • budgeting your Christmas so there are no surprises
  • recording your family traditions (so you can remember them again next year)
  • saving online shopping websites that you want to come back to when you have time
  • planning your December so that you don’t burn out
  • create reminders
  • emailing gift ideas to your relatives to help them with their shopping ideas
  • planning your thank you’s
  • as well as craft ideas for handmade gifts and kid’s craft

The Easy Evernote Christmas Planner

beats PDF planners hands down

All available on your screen ANYTIME and enter your notes straight in.

aerlie wildy, plannerWhat is it?

It is 28 planners that can prompt you for everything you need to stay on top of as Christmas gets closer.

It is based in Evernote, a fantastic program available on all devices, online and offline.

Here’s the beauty of it:

  • More than just PDF templates, it allows you to enter your thoughts, , photos, notes, ideas, numbers, and lists straight into it
  • It’s paperless, so you don’t have to keep multiple or massive lists in your diary or handbag
  • You can clip photos, recipes, audio files (if your driving and have an idea), images from the web
  • You can set reminders
  • Enter in present ideas, budgets, checklists and notes straight from your screen

What’s Included?

Once you purchase the Easy Evernote Christmas Planner, you will receive a link to download the Notebook. Included in the Notebook are the planners.   Each one PACKED with information, prompts, ideas, and resources to help you plan your Christmas. You will also receive video links to help you set up your Evernote Notebook, how to clip, tag and enter information. Every note is set up for you to start entering your notes and getting organised straight away. You will receive an Introduction Video that goes through all of the templates and shows you just what you can do and how organised you can be this year!

Available for only $20

Once you’ve purchased the Easy Evernote Christmas Planner you will be taken to the Access page. This has all of the individual planners available for download. You can select any or all that you like, and then just save them into your own Evernote. Video instructions for Webclipping are included.