3 Simple tips on how to lead effective remote team meetings

If you’re a small business owner and know that your team meetings feel like a waste of time, here’s 3 simple tips on how to lead effective remote team meetings, to help your team be more productive, and your business be more profitable.

So, it’s that time again,right?
Time for the weekly meeting.
Everyone rocks up, but you kind of get a sense that your meeting is not going to be as effective as you wanted to be.
You might wish there’s a chance for your team to connect, or to ask questions so that they can save time during the week.
You might wish that they could start to look ahead for the week and see what’s coming so that it’s not a surprise.

Your meetings might even feel like they’re a bit ad hoc and just moving from one issue to another, not getting the big picture.
So it’s enough to make any business owner wonder why there should even have team meetings!

So today I’m going to be giving you some tips about how to run effective remote team meetings so that, you can connect with your team so that you can gain the benefits of actually having your weekly
remote team meeting and not dread it every time it comes around.

So as I mentioned in the intro, weekly team meetings can be a drag,
especially if you and your team don’t see the benefit.

I know that you value your team and you know they do an awesome job.
Their effort is not what we’re focusing on here.

If you turn up to your team meeting with the mindset that it’s going to be a drag, then it probably will!
If you show up unprepared or your team do, then no wonder it feels like a drag and feels like it’s wasting everyone’s time.

Business culture and expectations about how to show up comes from the top.
So if you take a second to get clear on the purpose of your team meetings, you can quickly swing them over to being a really valuable part of your team culture and business productivity.

Team meetings can be fun, informative and a strategic part of your business, especially if you have a remote team.

It’s essential that they are. So when you shift from feeling like a team meetings are a drag and a waste of time, to leading them, running them effectively and with purpose, then you can start to see the difference in your profits and your team energy.

So as I list through these tips relating your weekly team meetings keep in mind the team look culture that you want to create, and the business goals that you’re aiming to achieve.

But before I get into it, if you want the low down on creating effective remote team meetings then grab my Remote Team Meetings Blueprint.

remote team meetingsIn there, there’s a three step set up guide for streamlining your team meeting set up.
There’s a team meeting agenda template that you can swipe.
There’s guidelines on expectations for showing up to team meetings

Like: phones should be off, video should be on!

There’s a rundown on the different types of team meetings that there
are so that you have real clarity about what’s happening in each meeting, what happens in different types of meetings and when to have them.

3 Simple tips to lead effective remote team meetings:

These tips are for you if you have a remote team and can’t meet together, but they’re still relevant for face to face team meetings as well.
All right, let’s zoom….get it?

#1  Create a consistent structure

Make sure you have this clear and consistent agenda every week.
This means that everyone knows what’s happening.
There’s no kind of anxiety around what’s happening, and everyone can prepare.
They can report, they can ask questions, and everyone knows what’s going on.

This kind of transparency builds trust.

In having a structure for your meetings, it also allows everyone to do that mental preparation that they need because they know what will be discussed.
You can also set this up and automate it in a tool like Asana or ClickUp.

There are reminders so that it sent out every week.
You can have those reminders for preparation sent out as well,
and you don’t have to touch anything.

#2 Create connection

You have to have a bit of work,
a bit of play. so you can do this by starting and ending the meeting on a more personal connected style that’s more fun.

This helps everyone be included, and everyone can learn more about
each other.

Even the shy ones! just encourage them. It may take time.

Your meetings could even be a fun!

There’s no rule that says your team meetings have to be dreary!
Nor do you have to motivate your team.
Just be yourself, but switch the focus from work to the people as you start and end the meeting.
This also helps everyone connect and support each other during the week as  well.
If everyone’s feeling isolated, this could be a real issue, and can help if they are connecting with people.

#3 Create trust.

Trust has to come in to all teamwork, right? So I have to mention it.
Trust shows up in team meetings in several different ways, like celebrating individual achievements that people have done during the week, or even sub team achievements; by setting due
dates and holding people accountable week to week; by focusing on outcomes and not necessarily how long a task might take.

These are just a couple of ways that build trust into a team and keeping that consistent.
So if creating a more cohesive team meeting environment with  structure, incorporating stronger connection and developing trust will all support you to create team meetings that are valuable and meaningful
for your team members and ultimately help your team work more productively and with purpose.

Once you have set up and implemented these really strong foundations for your team meetings or you need to do is stay consistent with them and the benefits will snowball.

It’s like your team meetings are where everything collides in your team culture and your business.
Get your team meetings working really well for you!

So if you want the details on my agenda and guidelines on setting
expectations for your remote team meetings grab my Blueprint in the link below.
Thanks for watching


Your Next steps:

Download the Remote Team Meeting Blueprint here so that you can set up your team meetings to run smoothly and get the advantages of streamlining your team meetings.

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