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Feeling Overwhelmed Webinar

Tell the truth…how many times did you check Facebook because you didn’t know where to start today?

I know – you have so many amazing ideas, so many things to do, but it makes you feel overwhelmed, you end up going around in circles.

If you spend too much valuable time reinventing the wheel,
wondering where to start, or being so ambitious that it leaves you feeling overwhelmed.


Tuesday 1st December

11am Aust Central Daylight Time


Join me for this webinar where you’ll walk away with your own personal plan to reconnect and get back on track.

You’ll learn

– How overwhelm is stopping your ideas coming to life

– How to recognise your own signs of overwhelm

– Useful strategies you can use immediately to take action AND take care, so that you don’t meltdown

Register today and you’ll receive the Bonus Template so you’re ready to go.



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