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Are you thinking about hiring a VA
but not sure where to start, or what tasks they could do? 

Have you put off 
growing your business
because it takes so long to train someone, so you just get it done yourself?

Is your business growing, but the thought of delegating
leaves you feeling like a control freak?


a 1:1 Coaching package featuring 3 x 60 minute sessions

Session 1: What to outsource, how to find the right VA for you, and tackling the mindset blocks

Session 2: Getting ready to outsource – getting organised, setting up your systems, and communication

Session 3: Training your VA & future planning

Bonus: You’ll also receive The Asana Guide (if you haven’t used Asana before).

If you want to really ***fast-track*** this, we can do an Intensive, and nail it in one 2 hour session, plus a 60 minute follow up.

This is for you if:

– you’re ready to outsource but just don’t have the time to map it out or do the research

– you’re business starting to blossom, and you can only do so much

Your Investment: $347 (AUS)

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or book a Discovery call here.

Growing your team has to be on your terms.

Start small, and build it up as you become more confident.

Let go of process and make space for opportunity.