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Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide to Evernote!

I’m really excited to have created something that will help you manage the masses of information that come into your life. Evernote is such a versatile program – I’ve provided a broad range uses to demonstrate it, and how you can make the most of it for your business and life.

Give yourself time to implement these tips (so that you don’t feel overwhelmed!) and come back each time you need a refresher.

The more I use Evernote, the more ideas and uses I come up with. You might find that you start of very basically, but as you become more confident, you will have more ideas, capture them in Evernote, and use it more and more!

Enjoy the Beginner’s Guide to Evernote for Entrepreneurs, and create an system that provides an excellent foundation for your business growth and reduces your stress. Enjoy xx

evernote, aerlie wildy, productivity



FYI: I refer to this as Video 2, as I made them all at once.  Video 1 is actually the Sales Video, so don’t get confused – you haven’t missed anything xx

Download Cheat Sheet #1: Evernote Elements

Cheat Sheet 1

It’s an Evernote Note, so click the link to view, and then you can save it into your own Evernote Notebook


evernote, aerlie wildy, productivity

Download BONUS Resource Guide below:

evernote for entrepreneurs

Download Cheat Sheet #2: What to Do In Evernote

evernote for enterpreneurs