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When there are so many project management tools available, it’s really difficult to work out which one is right for your business management. You also need to consider how easy it will be for your team to learn and use, and what kind of reporting and visibility of your projects you need, does it do time tracking….there is a lot to consider!

Essentially, a project management tool nowadays is the tool that brings your business together. It’s the central hub of action and information management for your business, so it needs to be flexible, easy to use and have capacity for you to grow without needing to change up every year.

Whether you are currently using a tool, but aren’t sure if it’s the best one for you and the team, or you’re trying to narrow down the list so that you can upgrade, there are 6 areas you need to research when making this decision.


In today’s episode I discuss the 6 main ingredients to think about so that you can

  • manage and track your client projects effectively
  • manage your clients overall
  • manage your team effectively
  • manage your business operations

Get this right, and your business can run smoothly. 

Get it wrong, and you end up creating more headaches for everyone.
Listen in to make sure you’re covered.


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