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How to Customise your Task Status to Stay Productive

Do you get confused with the ‘To Do’, ‘In Progress’ and ‘Done’ task status? Today I want to show you how you can customise your task status so that you and your team can stay on track.

In this video, I’ll explain why I think it’s important to customise your task status to suit your own workflow, how to get so much more information out of the process, and show you exactly what I mean using Asana AND ClickUp!

Just because they create the To Do, In Progress and Done template for you, doesn’t mean you have to use it the same way!

Once you’ve seen how to customise your task status, you’ll see how you can quicky put this into action using your favourite project management tool.

How to Customise your Task Status so you can stay productive (Asana & ClickUp Demo)


So are you familiar with those status updates that are “to do””in progress”and “done”?
They are fairly standard in tools like Trello boards.
The board kind of Kanban view that you might see in lots of project management tools. So you can see what you have to do and you can see what’s done.
But when it comes to seeing what’s in progress,it’s really confusing and really hard to see
Is it on track?
Is it progressing like – what’s going on?

I think it’s inefficient. I want to suggest an alternative for you.
Today I’m going to be sharing some tips about how to customise your status updates
based on your own workflow for your business – not others, so that you and your team can track tasks efficiently without getting stuck in that in  progress void.
So if you’re new here, Hi,I’m Aerlie. I share productivity, process and project management tips to help
small teams achieve big goals.

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Why you should customise your task status

So I’ve tested the “in progress” status updates using boards in my own personal work and I feel like when I move something from ‘to do’ to ‘in progress’ and then ‘done’, it’s like a waste of time.

It’s either done or it’s not done!

This middle ground seems to just get in the way and be really unclear, especially when you are working with a team, especially if you’re working with a remote team.
My advice is to not use “in progress” at all. Ever.

It’s too general, too vague.

Customise your task status to reflect your workflow

So the alternative that I suggest, is to customize your status headings so that they reflect your own workflow. No matter what kind of process it is.

This means that you need to know your process because you will have a different process
for content creation or delivering your service. They’re all customized.
When you can design your project management tool to reflect how you work, it’s so much easier and more in alignment for everyone in the team, and it’s easier to communicate and quickly see where everything is.

If you’re the CEO of your business, you need that bird’s eye view,and that’s really important.
You don’t want to have to dig into every task to read all the comments to see what’s going on
if you can see what’s happening really quickly.

So today I want to show you how you can customize this using Asana and ClickUp
So if you use either of these tools,

View the video above for the Asana and ClickUp demonstrations

So you need to know your process in here.
You need to have that really clear in your head so that you can build it into your project management tool. If you need help clarifying that, then I can help you.

Get in touch to chat about how you can customize your project management tool so that it gives you so much more information than what’s to do and what’s done, because there is a whole world out there of tracking information that, especially for remote teams, is so much more powerful and effective and efficient for everyone.

Your next steps:

  1. Watch the How to customise your Task Status video to understand where you can start to improve your statuses
  2. Take one project your space/ folder you have in ClickUp or Asana and try to improve the flow using your own task statuses, instead of to do, in progress and done!


I’m an Asana Certified Pro a Clickup Vetted Consultant.
I can help you set up your project management system, or I can improve what you’ve already got.

If you’ve already started with your team or if you want to know which one is right for you or how to make yours better, then book a call with me.

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aerlie wildy, business efficiency consultant, adelaide small business
Aerlie Wildy is a team management & business efficiency consultant and mother based in the Adelaide Hills.

I specialise in making teams more effective and efficient.

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