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Organise your small business

so you can find everything with ease!

Think of your business like your home, when everything is clean and tidy we feel accomplished and refreshed. Let’s get a cleaner for your business…

If you’re drowning in emails, notifications and sticky notes, or losing your files in your downloads folder, then it’s time to get organised.

Taking time out to organise these business foundations is essential if you’re planning to grow. Otherwise, you can end up outsourcing your disorganisation or paying more money because tasks take longer to complete.

Setting up strong foundations for your business ensures a solid platform for growth. If you’re still wasting precious time searching through your Download’s folder or overwhelmed by the thousands of unread emails in your Inbox, your scaling progress will be undermined.

Booking a session with me to help you get organised can help you set up the foundations you need to find everything quickly, give everything a home, share your information appropriately and improve your productivity and flow.

Getting organised – the missing ingredient

The key to getting organised is creating a home for everything. If you imagine your living room (especially if you have a toddler) when it’s full of toys and “life” it can feel cluttered and overwhelming.

That’s how your business feels too!

You can achieve that same feeling of space and tidy when everything has it’s place in your business too.

Creating a home for everything is really about creating structure. Identifying key folder names and sub folders will quickly reduce the chaos. Setting up key folders in your Inbox will also provide this structure – and for your to do list too.

Tools for getting organised


Cloud Storage: I recommend setting up cloud-based folders (such as GoogleDrive or Dropbox) and using clearly named folders and sub-folders. Don’t be afraid to use tiers of sub-folders and give everything a home

Online Calendar: I recommend Google Calendar for managing your calendar. You can overlay calendars and add in your Ideal Week structure, to help you stay productive.

Lists and To Do’s: I recommend Asana (or ClickUp if you’re more advanced) for task management and keeping lists. Its easily searchable, allows you to sync to your calendar, and set up recurring tasks and checklists.

Information you want to keep but don’t know where to put: I recommend Evernote for creating a second-brain of all of your notes, an Ideas Bank, brainstorming, research, sticky note information. As an Evernote Certified Consultant, I can provide you with a structure and strategy to reduce the tabs open in your brain and on your browser.

If you need to move from chaos to calm to consolidate your strong foundations, I can help you:

  • Structure your Inbox
  • Collate your multiple email addresses into one email program
  • Structure your files and folders
  • Design an online storage plan so you have a place for everything
  • Provide training on Evernote set up and structure, and how to use it effectively
  • Provide training on Asana/ ClickUp to set up your Operations Hub


Book a Clarity Call with me to identify the organisation support you need to set up for scaling.