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How to Set up Asana for Teams

Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to set up Asana for teams. This video takes you through the steps of signing up to Asana using so that you can create an organisation. This allows you to create teams in Asana similar to your business.

In this how-to tutorial about how to set up Asana for teams, I also give you a step by step demo on creating tasks and projects.

I’ll show you the benefits of Asana (and the key areas that make it more than just a to-do list) that include managing everything you have to do, and everything you need to know. These areas are called My Tasks and the Inbox, and manage the tasks assigned to you, and the tasks that you are collaborating on.

This introduction to team management in Asana can save you and your team hours every week and streamline the internal communication – essential especially if you are working from home or remotely around the world.

How to Set up Asana for Teams – a Step by Step Tutorial

Your Next steps:

  1. Download Asana and register using your business email address
  2. Watch the How to Set up Asana for Teams video to familiarise yourself with Asana and how it works
  3. Practise setting up your teams, projects and tasks, and then assigning using the 3 essentials for every task.


I’m an Asana Certified Pro a Clickup Vetted Consultant.
I can help you set up your project management system, or I can improve what you’ve already got.

If you’ve already started with your team or if you want to know which one is right for you or how to make yours better, then book a call with me.

Already have a team?

Download the Remote Team Meeting Blueprint here so that you can set up your team meetings to run smoothly and get the advantages of streamlining your team meetings.

remote team meetings

aerlie wildy, business efficiency consultant, adelaide small business
Aerlie Wildy is a team management & business efficiency consultant and mother based in the Adelaide Hills.

I specialise in making teams more effective and efficient.

You can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, check out my Youtube Channel or Pin with me on Pinterest.