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Are you so overwhelmed with everything you have
to do you that you feel like you’ve lost your groove?

Do you feel like don’t really have a plan
because you’re too busy to stop?

Are you trying to maintain the illusion
that you’ve got your sh*t together?

Is it working?

Imagine being able to run your business AND have a great work life balance!
To have an ease and flow, to be able to work with focus and feel productive.

You’d be in the groove.

You feel like 90% of your time is spent working on your business,
and you’re worried that it could leave you burnt out.

You’d love more freedom to enjoy your family,
to travel, to listen to music – to be YOU.

You’ve realised that you can’t do this on your own. You need support.

I can help you to set up supportive systems that will

– improve your work life balance

– help you stay focussed on your priorities,

– build a sustainable schedule that doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed

AND I’ll give you the cool playlists and music productivity strategies that I use!

Who Am I?

I’m Aerlie – I’m an Online Organisation Coach for women in business.

I coach women in sustainable productivity, time management and supportive systems. Hustling is not sustainable, and I don’t believe t it’s a concept we have to buy into to succeed in biz.

I also teach women in business about online organisation, managing the masses of information we need to keep track of, and Evernote, Asana and Trello.

I’m a qualified life coach, mum to two girls (7 and 4), and live in the Adelaide Hills.

I’m a music lover, and am in awe of the mindset shifts, motivation, peace and inner strength that it can provide.
I use music as a strategic tool for myself, and am blown away by it’s power as a modality for focus, productivity, anchoring and energy.

I’m here to share that with you, to help you find your groove.

What’s In The Groove Coaching all about?

In the Groove is an 8 week Coaching Program.

I’ll work with you to

  • create a clear plan for 60 days, and map it out week by week
  • create a weekly schedule that allows you consistency and freedom to work productively and focussed
  • provide proven time management and productivity strategies to help you find more time in your day for your priorities
  • incorporate music into your goals for increased motivation and focus
  • use music to focus, relax, shift your mindset, support you when you’re feeling fragile and celebrate

You’ll also receive lifelong access to the masterclasses.

We’ll meet fortnightly 1:1 for accountability & support : 1 x 60 mins, 3 x 30 mins (2.5 hours 1:1 total)

You’ll also have access to 4 online Live Masterclasses/ Q&A sessions, in alternate weeks.

  • The Playlists: How to set up strategic playlists, align your goals to songs, and find your groove quickly for better focus and flow
  • The Melody: Creating your 60 Day Plan & breaking it down in to realistic tasks
  • The Rhythm: Structuring your Sustainable Schedule
  • The Harmony: Setting up Supportive Systems online and IRL (In Real Life!)

You’ll receive

  • a Weekly Goals & Supportive Systems Planner
  • To Do List Template
  • How-to videos

Program starts Monday 1 August

EarlyBird Price: $297 (Aus)

Price after Earlybird $397 (Aus)

Earlybird Closes 27 July

It’s time to dance to the beat of your own drum!
Click below and get your groove on.

This Program is for you if…

– you’re a female entrepreneur and you’ve been in business for more than 2 years.

– you’re ready to start outsourcing, but need help to get your own sh*t together before you’re comfortable letting others in to your operations.

– you feel like there are a million things to do, and you don’t know where to start.

– you need the planning support, accountability and tools to improve your work life balance before you burn out.

Before I met Aerlie, my time management was getting out of hand. I had too many ideas, projects and to do’s. I felt like I was drowning.

After talking with Aerlie I felt a weight had been lifted. I now saw my big goals as achievable and each step didn’t seem so hard. Now, I’m getting stuff done, I feel organised, on track, and getting closer to achieving my goals.
We all need help to prioritise and get things done. Even though we know in theory what to do, having someone keep you accountable is magic.  I loved Aerlie’s energy and heart centred approach to business and life.

Natasha Vanzetti, Discovery Coach

Before I met Aerlie, my time management plan consisted of daily ‘to-do’ lists only. Aerlie was able to help me clarify which areas of my life, both personal and business, that I could streamline and improve in order to free up more time. She then identified some tools and procedures that I could put into place to help with planning my day/weeks/months.

I now have a plan to move forward with that will help to get me more organised, productive and free up some more time for family and for myself.  I am actually 100% up to date with all projects, and feel more organised and less stressed!

I highly recommend working with Aerlie. She is easy to talk to, and gives great advice. She will help to clarify the areas that you need to work on and improve and provide options and solutions to help you achieve your end goal.

Carmen Payne, Ink Pink Designs

Before I met Aerlie, I was overloaded and over committed, trying to do too many things in limited time. I wanted to be guided into change and not dictated about what I should do and how to do it, but to explore new ways to work and be organised, and Aerlie was a perfect fit. 

My newly learnt organisation skills has taken the pressure off, I’ve compartmentalised what I need to do, and I can approach it instead of it floating in my mind repeating itself.

Aerlie is so approachable & patient. I feel the self imposed pressure has come off my shoulders and I now look at one thing at a time and get it done. Aerlie showed me that over-commitment actually hampers my delivery, and the softness and certainty of how she works is attractive.

I am simply more productive now. I highly recommend working with Aerlie, I’m sure I will be using her services again in the future.

Program starts Monday 1 August

EarlyBird Price: $297 (Aus)

Price after Earlybird $397 (Aus)

Earlybird Closes 27 July

It’s time to dance to the beat of your own drum!
Click below and get your groove on.


Email me or make a time to jump on Skype to connect and I can answer your questions!