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If you’re thinking about hiring a VA in 2017, then you need to know some of the common mistakes hiring VA’s. There seem to be so many aspects to consider, and ways that it could go wrong, that putting your head in the sand seems easier! (ha – been there!) Now you can avoid these costly mistakes about hiring VA’s.


I was the same. I didn’t have the budget, I wasn’t sure how I could explain everything properly and I didn’t really think they would understand what I needed.


I’ve heard so many horror stories, of people wasting their money, or having a perfectly good VA and not actually knowing what kind of work to give them.


I also know that one of the blocks to getting a VA is the fact that many feel like their systems and filing is all over the place, and it would waste a VA’s time (and your money) trying to find everything.


Today, I want to highlight some common mistakes about hiring VA’s that I don’t want you to make if you’re thinking about outsourcing.
I truly believe that once you know more about these mistakes, you can put steps in place to avoid them.


I want you to step away from the time-sucking admin, and have more time for your passion projects.


I want you to know exactly what you need to do to get ready for a VA, and how to simplify that process.


I want you to work confidently with a VA, and to have a successful relationship with them – because it will help create better work life balance for you, and provide more opportunity for you to grow your business doing work that lights you up AND brings the money in.


Don’t Make These Mistakes Hiring VA’s


Mistake #1
Handing over a process to a VA that you’re not entirely sure of.


If you’re handing over a process that isn’t 100% clear for you, then how will the VA know what to do?
This is pertinent especially if you’re starting out. It’s probably a good idea to work with them on something you know really well, and nail that process before you step into an area that you haven’t fully grasped yourself.


Mistake #2
Not providing a clear process for a VA to follow, or emphasising the areas that are important to you.


Teaching your VA the process, as well as what to look out for, design elements etc confidently is an essential part of a successful VA contract.
They need to know what you’re looking for – so I usually go with ‘more information is better than not enough’. That also gives you a baseline for when you’re giving them feedback.


There are some great strategies that can help simplify the teaching process that you can use to clearly show them your expectations, such as noting the process, screen shots or talking it through.


Mistake #3
Waiting until you need a VA NOW.


Unfortunately, if you wait until you need it NOW, because things have picked up, or you’re in the middle of a launch and you need help, then you probably won’t have time to


a) spend time sourcing the best fit for you.
b) have time to teach them properly
c) have time to provide them with all of the resources they need to succeed


It’s likely to be rushed and trust me – I know this one from experience – it just adds stress, instead of helping.


Mistake #4
Thinking that a VA won’t be able to understand your business


I struggled with this one for a long time. It does come down to communication and breaking down the process.
A VA can do the process, operational side. You can still provide the content and the strategy, but don’t need to get bogged down in the tech or implementation of your ideas.


Mistake #5
Wanting everything to be perfect.


I know. There are A LOT of entrepreneurs who are perfectionists – whether they know it or not! Yep – me included at times.
However, If your business is pushing to grow – you can feel the momentum building, but it’s YOU holding back the process because you want everything to be perfect, then this is a tipping point.


You can either make it harder, and hold yourself back by wanting to do everything, so that it will be perfect, or you can stop being a control freak, and hand over some of the repetitive operational areas of your business.


This means letting go of the process, or the outcome, but it also means a more streamlined, flowing business that’s not held up by you.


It may not be perfect if it’s done my someone else, but it will be done, quicker, and you still can have final control over publication, or what ever it is that is concerning you.
Your VA will probably make mistakes, you will make mistakes. We’re all human – we just have to live and learn.

Your Next Step

If you want some support to help fast track this process, or help you transition to Dubsado, then can book a  free systems audit with me so we can determine where to start, and what you need to get up and running with your workflows and systems.
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Aerlie Wildy is a business designer. business coach and mother based in the Adelaide Hills. I specialise in designing and systemising business for growth. You can connect with me on Facebook, join my Chief Executive Entrepreneurs Facebook Group, check out my Youtube Channel or Pin with me on Pinterest.