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Welcome to my 7 Step Email Inbox System
where the ultimate goal is to remove the stress of an overflowing inbox,
& help you to manage your inbox so that you can be more productive.
The aim of this program is to give you valuable tips on how to manage your day without falling into the trap of spending all your time in your Inbox.
Let’s Get Started!


Hi I’m Aerlie


I’m a Productivity & Systems Coach for Online Business Mums.

I’m a qualified Life Coach and mum of 2 gorgeous girls.  I have the same issues around finding balance between family & business, so systems and productivity allow me to be more efficient, focused and get more done when I need to.  I support mums at home and in their business to build efficient systems and build productivity so you can spend more time generating income for your business and spending time with your family, and of course, your own self care!

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Can you relate to this?
Feeling unmotivated, procrastinating, and using your time to respond and react to whatever happens to drop in your Inbox, instead of creating content, networking, or actually working?
The number 1 reason you do this is because of clarity, or that you don’t quite have enough.
Clarity is a funny thing – when you think you’ve got it, you get busy, and work, and you get more clarity – it’s like layers of an onion!  For me, it just keeps going and going.
You probably have a to do list, a plan, a goal – but you may not be 100% clear on exactly what you have to do to get it all done – hence the procrastination, social media checking and Inbox time wasting.
Luckily, clarity doesn’t need to be complicated.
When I used to write my to do lists, the items were too generic, like organise party, or website, but when it came time to work, I would procrastinate and take me ages to work out exactly what I needed to do.  I thought I was saving time by just writing one word tasks, but really, there just wasn’t enough clarity – and it cost me loads of time – because I still had to work out what I needed to do, which generally only came after the procrastination, coffee’s, and FB posts.
This is why clarity boosts productivity.


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Just like your To Do Lists that get done, where you can sit down to work, and know exactly what you need to do, and you can get started straight away, you need clarity on what comes into you Inbox, where it goes, and what you are going to do with it.
If you aren’t not crystal clear, then you will continue to struggle with
– subscribing to everything
– responding straight away
– dropping what you were doing to read the latest emails
– keeping everything
& that takes up 100% more time, effort, and energy, you can lose momentum in your business, self, lose focus, and income, because the majority of time isn’t spent on revenue generating tasks.
It’s time to get better clarity and have your most productive day!



Click on the ACTION STATION to open a Google Doc for Step 1. Place your answers to the 4 questions in the table, and you’ll find you have the perfect solution to keep you focused.  Everything you need to focus on is on that table, therefore, any emails, newsletters, or new subscriptions you consider signing up for need to be directly related to this focus list. Now there’s a challenge!  See how you go.

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Time Savvy Mums is a Facebook Group for for all mums in business who need strategies and systems to find more time. It’s about Free Time, Family Time, Focus Time – the 3 aspects that we all want more of but find it so hard to do.
Share ideas, tips, resources about Free Time, Family Time & Focus Time – strategies & systems we have in place to get everything done, and spend our time doing more of what we love.

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