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Most Productive Day 3


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Welcome to my 7 Step Email Inbox System
where the ultimate goal is to remove the stress of an overflowing inbox, & help you to manage your inbox so that you can be more productive.
The aim of this program is to give you valuable tips on how to manage your day without falling into the trap of spending all your time in your Inbox.
Remember, you can do Step 2 and 3 together, for even more efficiency


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Unsubscribing is another easy job for the couch, or whilst listening to some music.  You don’t need to think too much about it – which is great.
Do this in conjunction with the deleting, so that you can remember what you need to unsubscribe to before you have deleted it, and then it will never bother your Inbox again.
Here are the Guidelines to help you through:
There is an alternative, but I’m not convinced it will save you in the long run.  It’s called unroll.me.
It’s a fantastic (free) program that totally unclutters your inbox, by managing your emails for you.  Once you subscribe, it will have access to your inbox, and identify ALL of the subscriptions you have.  You can chose to roll each subscription in to a daily report, or to unsubscribe.
You then receive only one email a day, which is a summary of all of the subscriptions you chose to keep.  Any that you like, you can click through to.
Unroll.me manages your subscriptions, so that you can unsubscribe with the click of a button (instead of having to click the unsubscribe link in an email and then be taken to a new tab and click through their questions to process the unsubscribe)
This is a great product, but it does have a few flaws…
  • you do tend to miss out on the emails that you do like if you have rolled them into your daily report – but you can choose not to include them in the roll up, so that they stay in your inbox.
  • They don’t actually unsubscribe for you so if you ended up cancelling, you would still have over 300 subscriptions to cancel (unless that’s just me!)
  • one opinion for another entrepreneur is that it means that all of our own list building stats can be skewed.  We might have 1000 people on our list, but a high percentage of those might be from people who have chosen to have your newsletter rolled up, and therefore not reading our emails.
    All that effort is potentially being wasted – and it is a lot of effort!
    I tend to agree with this, and would hate to think that all of my list building efforts come undone when my emails become rolled up and I can’t even guarantee that the emails are getting into the inbox of my peeps.
My solution is to keep the unroll.me for shopping and techy/ software subscriptions – so now I just roll up the shopping brands that I like, and into that also goes my host provider, all of the social media notifications, any shopping ‘points’ subscriptions, and my inbox becomes a whole lot lighter, and much more effective.
This does leave all of the subscriptions that I do like to keep, but there’s more on how to manage this in Step 7, so stay tuned until then.
Again – this might be a job over a few nights – not to be tackled all at once if your Inbox is huge!



Your ACTION STATION for Step 3.

Decide which emails you need to unsubscribe to, using my Guidelines and get busy.

Again – spend one or two nights chipping away at it, and within a week or so, you’ll be leaner and cleaner.

If you are interested, check out and set up unroll.me, but I do advise you to keep the most important subscriptions in your Inbox.

Seriously, having an Inbox free of FB & Pinterest notifications, shopping promo, tech promos and things I’d love but know I’m never going to buy will make a massive difference EVERY DAY.

Tell us how you’re going in my Time Savvy Mums FB Group.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Want to share your Inbox numbers?

How many did you start with?

How many have you deleted?

How much has it made a difference??? We’d all love to know how you’re going  xx

Check out the Time Savvy Mums Facebook Group here.[/text_block]