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Most Productive Day 7


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Welcome to my 7 Step Email Inbox System
where the ultimate goal is to remove the stress of an overflowing inbox, & help you to manage your inbox so that you can be more productive.
The aim of this program is to give you valuable tips on how to manage your day without falling into the trap of spending all your time in your Inbox.
Or do Step 2 and 3 together, for even more efficiency
To Store, go to Step 4
Step 5 recap here, or Step 6 here.


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Here’s the final challenge to help you maintain an Inbox that is relevant and that you can manage on a daily basis.
Set up a table in Evernote or Google Docs with 20 rows.
Write in the names of YOUR TOP 20 email subscriptions
Now try and keep your list of subscriptions to 20.
Each time you want to add a new one
  • check against your focus list (from step 1) to see if it’s relevant
  • check if you have space in your list for another subscription
  • if you don’t, see if there’s one you need to unsubscribe to make room for it

If you go over 20, that’s OK.  You list might end up being 30 or more, but the idea is to not subscribe to bright shiny objects, because that will mean the return of clutter, stress and wasted time.

I’ve been using this strategy and it really helps to keep my Inbox manageable.  This means I get to read the ones I love, and I don’t go subscribing to everything willy nilly without any thought for the impact it will have on my time, my stress levels (for taking up too much time), on my goals and on my brain clutter – all things that are very important to me.



Your ACTION STATION for Step 7

Set up your table (Evernote is my preference – cause everything is there!)
Enter the ones you want to keep
Double check them against your focus list, especially if there are double ups in content.
Each time you want subscribe, stop and check.  It might only be FOMO that’s making you subscribe, and that’s not a good enough reason to clutter your Inbox!
Good luck xx

Have you commented in the Time Savvy Mums FB Group yet?

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I’d love to know how you are going, and if you are starting to see the impact of taking control of your Inbox once and for all!

Let me know how it’s going, or if you have any other questions.  You never know – they might help someone else too

xx Aerlie

Productivity & Systems Coach for Online Business Mums

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