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One of the most common things I hear entrepreneurs say is that they just want someone to advise them on what online business tools they need to build their business, simplified. So, here is my top list of programs that I use in my business.
I can also provide 1:1 training on how to set these up and use them if that’s not your strength. Check out the information on my coaching page.

My Top Online Business Tools:

Having one place for everything is a game changer for me. From emails to research, plans to pics, it like a second brain – that I can trust. I use this to store information for my family, my business and my personal life so that I can use my real brain for the important stuff!

Google Calendar

The simple fact that I can set up different calendars within this one, link my scheduling program to it, overlay all my calendars, share a calendar with my husband – this one is the bees knees for me. I can keep to do lists, I can organise my ideal week, and work within it easily, on any device.

I love the fact that this program enables me to upload my photos once, and it stores my branding style (in the Canva for Work upgrade).The hugely time saving feature of ‘Magic Resize’ makes it so easy to redesign my social media pics to suit different dimensions makes blogging and social media posting so much quicker.

Now, I don’t collaborate much, which is probably where this program comes into it’s own, but from a Project Management perspective, Asana is one of the best. I also love the fact that i can create templates, that are processes, so I’m creating an Operational Manual for my business every time I add a process.
I also use this to plan and schedule my Editorial Calendar, so that I know what to write, and when to post it.

Since I’ve started scheduling my Facebook posts, there has been less pressure in my days! I felt like my social media was dragging me down, as I hadn’t pulled together my social media posting, and it was all ad hoc, and not really doing much for me.
Now that I schedule it (I still only use the free version), I find there is more space to create, and my time for posting has more flow, because it’s all done in one hit.

Music is essential in my life! I’ve created a Back on Track playlist – you are welcome to follow it (just search for my name), and I especially love the chill playlists, and the focus playlists. Music can change your mindset instantly – such a powerful tool, and perfect to have Spotify on hand.


The toolbar on top of my Chrome browser.
This is one of those underrated tools that can save so much time! I have all of the programs I use regularly, so that i don’t have to type it in, or keep the tabs open.

Google Drive
For sharing docs, holding my spreadsheets, and word-processing if I ever need it! I love that it works into my own File Manager, so that I can drag and drop files straight from there. Dropbox does the same, but I like the fact that it gives me a quick and easy way to create spreadsheets, essential for tracking my stats regularly.

An External Harddrive (Seagate)
For backing up your hard drive, I like the Seagate products. They are easy to use, set up and there are even programs like FlashCloud where you can set up a back up to be done automatically on to there regularly. Perfect automation.

I use the monkey, and have also tried ActiveCampaign. I eventually came back to Mailchimp, and am happy with its simplicity for now 🙂

For hosting the videos I record for paid programs, Vimeo has been excellent. All of the others I create are hosted on my Youtube channel.

I use this program to create the videos I make that have screen shots, or training tutorials for clients. I can also video me, or have my face in a box below if I like. The editing probably isn’t as good as in iMovie, but it’s quick and easy to use, adjust the screen and upload to all of the channels I need.

Do you have some faves that could be added to the list?
Let me know what they are!


Your Next Step

If you want some support to help fast track your process, then can book a Clarity Call with me so we can determine where to start, and what you need to get up and running with your workflows and systems.
aerlie small business coach
Aerlie Wildy is a Business Efficiency Consultant based in the Adelaide Hills. I specialise in designing and systemising business for growth. You can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, check out my Youtube Channel or Pin with me on Pinterest.