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Declutter Your Inbox

Day 1: Online Clutterbugs Challenge

Today’s challenge is more than just decluttering your Inbox.
We’ll also walk through steps to help you organise your Inbox,
so that filing your emails as you go becomes a much easier process.

“Have a home for everything, so that you can put it away quickly and easily” said my mum!


Step 1: Declutter

Delete anything you haven’t read that is more than 3 months old, or that you know you won’t read.
Sort your Inbox by name, so that you can grab larger sets of emails.

Hold down SHIFT & click the first email, and then click the bottom email you’d like to delete.

This will select all of the emails inbetween.
Then press DELETE, and everything you have selected will be deleted.

Step 2: Decide

Decide the structure of your filing system.
Work out the main headings you’d like and set up the folders.
Set up the sub folders as you go

Step 3: Do

File all of your remaining emails that you’ve decided to keep into the master folders and sub folders that you’ve created.
If you’re sending them to Evernote, remember to access your Evernote email address by going into your Evernote account, and save it into your address book.
Forward any emails to Evernote using the address.
In the subject: @notebook_name #hashtag if you use them
It will file them automatically.

Demo Video

On screen Video of Inbox sorting, folders &
how to send to Evernote