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Declutter YourHard Drive

Day 2

In Today’s challenge we’re tackling your hard drive.
I’ll also give you a basic structure for your Master Folders,
so that you have a home for everything
– or at least know a better place for it than a generic ‘everything’ folder.


Step 1: Declutter

Start with the folder on your hard drive that needs the most clearing out!

Delete anything you aren’t going to read
OR move everything you probably won’t read into a Superseded Folder,
and set a reminder for 6 months to re-check it.

Once again, you can delete in large sections, but using the SHIFT to select many files.

Step 2: Decide

Decide the structure of your filing system.
Structuring your Hard Drive Folders to help you decide which Master Folders you can create.
Set up the sub folders as you go.

Step 3: Do

File all of your remaining files into your Master Folders.
Create Subfolders as you go.

*** Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have the subfolders created before you start.
You can create them as you go.


Structuring your Hard Drive Folders

Use this download if you need help to visualise which folders
and information you need to keep on your hard drive.

Here’s a screen shot of my hard drive.
It’s fairly simple, but work for all of the basic biz docs I have.
FYI – my photos and SM images are in other folders/ the cloud,
and most research, downloads and planners end up in Evernote.

Do what works for you