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Declutter Your Digital Photos

Day 3

There’s definitely something for everyone in this Challenge!
Today we declutter as many photos that you really don’t need as we can, as well as getting them sorted into some order, and setting up a structure for saving them in the future.


Step 1: Declutter

Start with the Photos folder that needs the most clearing out!

Delete anything that is blurry, or you don’t need.
If you have 10 photos of the same thing, save just one!
Focus on your most recent photos first.
It will be too daunting to start decluttering from 10 years ago!

Step 2: Decide

Decide on the structure of your photo folders.

You could save them by date (ie year and month),
or by event (but I would still do year)

Step 3: Do

Drag and drop into the folders you’ve created.

You can sort the photos by date, and grab larger chunks of them at a time
(instead of having to remember the dates of the events!)

If you are doing this in iPhotos, create albums, and apply as above.

Examples of structure from my Folders