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Declutter Your
Social Media Images

Day 4

Yesterday was photos, today is jpgs.
Watch the video and get clearer on what you need to keep,
and how to structure your folders.


Step 1: Declutter

First of all, collect all of your social media images in one place, so that you can organise them easily.
Delete all of the images that are no longer relevant to your
– branding
– message
– products

Step 2: Decide

Decide WHERE you are going to store them
I would recommend GoogleDrive of Dropbox for ease of use.
Decide HOW you are going to sort and store them.
Work out the types of categories you can set up so that you’ll know where to find them.
(See my example if you need help with this)

Step 3: Do

Drag and drop your images into the appropriate folders.
File what you do have, and find a home for everything
Remember the KISS principle.

My Example

Here’s how I break down the folders in my Social Media Images Folder.
You could have Folders for any or all of these:
Facebook pics
Blog posts
Headers (FB, FB Group)
Project Specific Folders
Product Specific Folders
Website images
FB Ads
Branding elements