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Declutter Your Online Storage

Day 5

The final day of this challenge takes a look at your online storage. Whether it is Dropbox, GoogleDrive or something else, it’s important that you set this up so that it works for you smoothly.


Step 1: Declutter

Start with the folder or space in your online storage that feels the most cluttered.

Delete anything you don’t want to be there –
OR move it to an appropriate space on your hard drive
***Declutter as you go – don’t just move the clutter!***

Step 2: Decide

Decide WHAT you need to access or keep online.
Consider all of the documents, files, images that you share, or need access to away from your hard drive.
Set up the appropriate folders and structure that supports your online access.

Step 3: Do

Drag and drop your files into the right folders.
Keep images separate, biz docs together, client docs, planning spreadsheets etc organised.
Create Subfolders as you go.

The Online Clutterbugs Challenge is done!

If you made it through decluttering each of these 5 online spaces – I am so impressed!
That’s a massive achievement!
You should be so proud of yourself – even if you only managed a few, it has no doubt cleared space for you, as well as helped you improve the structure of your online spaces.

So, where to from here?

I’m offering all of the Online Clutterbugs a
90 minute 1:1 session to help you get SUPER organised!

Over 90 minutes, we’ll cover:
– online organisation
– time management
– productivity
– systems
And we’ll make a plan for you to make the most of your time,
feel more organised and on top of things.

PLUS, I’ll give you one of these (each valued at $27):
 Evernote for Entrepreneurs
The Asana Guide

90 mins 1:1, plus Evernote or Asana Guide: $97