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Get Started With Outsourcing

Build your team to grow your business

Outsourcing is the key to getting more done

Not sure where to start with outsourcing your online business? Ready to grow your team, but don’t know where to start?

Outsourcing will fast track your growth. It’s an essential growth strategy. Doing everything in your business on your own will eventually hold you back and plateau your income, and sap your energy.

Getting started with outsourcing doesn’t have to be a huge leap. I recommend starting small with something that you are familiar with and is totally operational. You can develop a relationship with a VA over time, and gradually hand over tasks as you identify the processes and build your relationship.

Outsourcing is more than just handing over a task to someone else. You need to put the structure and steps in place for managing the tasks, communication with your VA, providing feedback, giving them access to your admin and folders, and making time to train and support them.

This may all seem time consuming and a barrier to getting started. However, it is still more valuable for you to let go of the small (time consuming) operation tasks and train someone, than if you kept doing them yourself. This can be a huge mindset barrier to overcome, but if you’re ready to scale and grow, it’s essential.  


Tips to get started with outsourcing


  1. Identify small operational tasks that are repetitive and video yourself completing the task. Create a bank of these video tutorials as you go.
  2. Identify the skills your VA will need to complete these tasks, and your budget, so that you can source them from asking for referrals in Facebook groups, or using an online service like Upwork.com. (If you are using an overseas VA, try to limit the timezone difference.)
  3. Provide your VA with clear instructions for the start, middle and end of the task, and provide them with feedback in a timely manner. You can give them a trial to see how they go, and set aside time to provide feedback for improvement.


I provide outsourcing strategy support to help you grow your team.

Designing an outsourcing strategy includes:

  • Identifying tasks for outsourcing
  • Skill mapping and VA sourcing
  • Creating procedures and video training
  • Set up of team task management to enable task tracking and communication
  • Team meeting facilitation


If you’re ready to start outsourcing and need support to get this right, book a free Clarity Call so we can map out your growth and outsourcing plan, or check out this post on how to get started with outsourcing.

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