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Can’t see your desk for all the sticky notes and lists?
Feel like you can’t stick to the plan and just want to feel on top of things?
Life just never seems to stop,
and keeping up with everything gets crazy and stressful.
Add a business or a family – or both –
and the level of frazzle can leave you feeling fried!
The list is never ending, jobs go unfinished, everything seems to
take longer than it should, and somehow,
the important things always get left until the last minute.
Its overwhelming and exhausting.
You’re always playing catch up, always trying to stay ahead – your mind whirring 24/7,
and still there are emails to respond to, invoices to chase, Facebook Groups to engage in…
it’s never ending!
So you end up procrastinating, getting distracted by shiny things you don’t need, 
perfecting your copy, or just not starting at all – leaving you feeling even more frustrated.
You know this is costing you – big time.
It’s a crazy hampster wheel that you can’t escape from, you’re just not getting anywhere,
and the overwhelm is sucking the energy out of you.
It’s time to feel awesome, productive, inspired and confident.
It’s time to realise that you can actually rock this shiz and that the WAY you work needs some love and attention.
After your Personal Productivity Action Planning Sesh, you will
  • know how to structure your day and week so that you can stay focused and manage your time
  • learn how to take everything out of your head in an organised fashion
  • create one place for all of your to do’s, ideas, things to remember – and it doesn’t have to be online if that doesn’t suit you
  • develop strategies that help you manage distractions…hello Facebook random scrolling!
  • know how to stick to your plan
  • discover the productivity boosters that work just for you

Your Personal Productivity Action Plan Sesh includes

  • A questionnaire for you to complete on payment.
    This will help me identify the top 3 areas you need immediate help with – and so that I can give you some quick strategies when we Skype to get the ball rolling.
  • A template and process for you to take everything out of your head in an organised fashion.
    Remember – your brain is for creating, not for storing information, so get everything out so we can find some order in the chaos and ease the stress. You can include ANYTHING here.
  • A 60 minute Skype Sesh. We’ll cover your massive list (so be prepared to share) and prioritise and organise it.
  • Lastly, we’ll personalise some productivity strategies that are tailored to what you need.
  • I’ll also follow up with some relevant tips and templates too.

You’ll be able to put your head on the pillow knowing you’ve been productive.

You’ll be able to make progress on the niggling jobs that you haven’t had time to do for ages, and you’ll do it without feeling overwhelmed.

You can take these strategies and use them forever. #nomoreburnout

Book in today for only $87 (Introductory Price!)
Once you have paid, you’ll go straight to the scheduling link, and from there you can go straight to the questionnaire!

Click on the button below to get started. Don’t procrastinate on this one!

Natasha Vanzetti, Discovery Coach

Before I met Aerlie, my time management was getting out of hand. I had too many ideas, projects and to do’s. I felt like I was drowning.
After talking with Aerlie I felt a weight had been lifted. I now saw my big goals as achievable and each step didn’t seem so hard. Now, I’m getting stuff done, I feel organised, on track, and getting closer to achieving my goals.
We all need help to prioritise and get things done. Even though we know in theory what to do, having someone keep you accountable is magic.  I loved Aerlie’s energy and heart centred approach to business and life.

Tiffany Bell, Duck Duck Goose

Having a new baby meant I’d only get snippets of time and without a set plan I’d be muddling all over the place and never achieve anything.
As a mum herself, Aerlie understood what it’s like to have minimal time to achieve things.
Learning to work from the ‘big goal’ and then splitting it into achievable steps has helped me feel less stressed and overwhelmed.
Now I’m clearly defining my goals and making steps achievable and realistic.