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Don’t know where to start? You need a plan.

Planning reduces stress and overwhelm. It’s that simple.

Planning is such a key component of running a business because it’s the map. Like starting out on a bush walk, you need to have made the decisions about what to take, how long, where to go, obstacles to look out for. If you don’t do plan your walk, well, here in Australia, that’s dangerous and risky!

Planning is the key to clarity and being productive. It’s hard to make decisions when you’re already tired. It’s hard to know what to do next. It’s hard to stay focussed, and not be distracted by bright shiny objects.

So, as you can see I’m a big advocate for planning and all of it’s many forms: brainstorming, daily planning, 90 day planning, content planning, launch planning, to do lists… and I have templates for each and every one!

I feel so much more confident when I know what to do next, or once I’ve extracted all of the stuff cluttering my brain. There is instant clarity and momentum, and that’s powerful.

Download Your Weekly Planner and Bonus To Do List

Start planning your weeks for better consistency using my Weekly Planner.
I’ve added a bonus Daily To Do List, so that you can keep your head clear of clutter and be more focussed.

Add your email address below, and I’ll send you the link to download, plus some instructions on how to get the most out of your planning.

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More about Planning and Getting Things Done

I’ve written A LOT about planning, productivity, focus….Here’s a few of my favourite blogs.

When you work without a plan, you have no filter.

Pulled in every direction – with no direction
and bright shiny objects everywhere!

Create your plan & know where
you’re going with confidence.

Are you ready to make a plan, get clear, and add some accountability into your business?

Momentum is a 90 Day Planning & Accountability Group Program. Find out when it’s launching next.

Visit my Services page to find out more, or book a Discovery call here.

“Before working with Aerlie, I really had to weigh up the Cost v Benefit, as I was only really breaking even.
I was a mess and out of whack, and struggled to figure out my priorities let alone actually manage my time to get things done.

Now I’m a lot more organised, yet also a lot more flexible. I have clarity, I feel organised and on top of my
I can manage information and clients on the go and log and track information as it comes in. 

My jobs are all organised electronically and accessible on any device, as a result of Aerlie’s knowledge of the systems and platforms available that suited my business and life.

Aerlie gave me great insight to be able to work smarter not harder.

Lauren Guerin, Bloomfields Floral Design

Download Your Weekly Planner and Bonus To Do List

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