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When you start up a business, there’s not much time for anything else.

But when you’re juggling family life and growing your business at the same time, there’s not much room for tuning in to what you need to thrive.

“But how do I find the time for self care?”The pressure to add selfcare to an already endless list of things to do can feel like it’s just another ‘should’ to add to your list.

You don’t have to tell me that Time is in short supply!


We work on our business day and night, but now it’s time to focus more on you.

You are at the heart of your family AND your business, and you know as well as anyone, that when you aren’t functioning well, then your family and your business will be affected.


I know that your heart is in it – or you would have given up the first time you faced a tough time!

But I want to help you reconnect with your heart, because that is the source of your love – your energy, your creativity, your happiness.

Believe. Focus. Do helps you to weave selfcare into your life, without it feeling like ‘extra’ tasks added to your list, but we also develop systems that will sit alongside your self care, that also give you a boost of productivity, and that clarity and focus that often evades your brain.

This heart-Centred Productivity comes from you, from your values, your own motivation.  You know it already, but by designing this system to suit you – you will have clarity about what you need, what to say no to, and how to give yourself permission to let some things go.
The beauty of Believe. Focus. Do is that you will get more done – because you will be focused, you will be motivated by the things that matter to you, and you will know how to spend your time to get the most out of it.
How Does it Work?
It is a 60 day program which includes the following:
  • An Exploratory Questionnaire, to help me understand how you are feeling at the moment
  • A 90 minute Introductory Session, where we talk all about you and what lights your fire.
  • 5x 60 minute Skype coaching sessions focused around the following areas:Beliefs – limiting thoughts, fears, loves, values, how you feel as a parent and partner, your strengths and struggles, your energy, trust, purpose, clarity, rules

    Focus – distractions in your day, stress, self care strategies, priorities, (more) loves, mindset, mindfulness, boundaries

    Do – productivity, time management, systems, parenting, planning

  • Email love over the 60 days
  • Any Resources I think you might need including templates, planners, practical how-to’s, Evernote training, and Lovesheets (to record your heartfelt thoughts)

As you can see, this program helps you build an even stronger foundation for you to grow from, but it also includes so much practical day to day information.

From my heart to your heart, I show you how to listen to your heart and grow your potential.
Believe. Focus. Do will help you:
  • feel like the great mum you really are.  No more guilt!
  • feel the happiness and energy ooze from you, because you are thriving.  The impact of weaving self care into your life will ripple through everything you touch
  • focus when it counts, making you so much more productive
  • work with confidence and calm.  You’ve got this.
  • connect with the clients that match your values too – authenticity in your biz will shine through
  • let go of everything that suck your energy, and say no without the guilt – the rules, the ‘musts’, the ‘traditions’, the ‘shoulds’
  • parent with so much more love, instead of exhaustion and frustration

Believe. Focus. Do is for you if:

  • you’ve lost touch with what you love, and you miss ‘you’ – and that’s when you’re at your best!
  • you want your children to see a happier you
  • you know you are capable of more, but pushing hard for it hasn’t worked, and you know that it’s time to work from the inside out
  • you’ve been corporate for so long, that you’ve forgotten how to feel, but you know it will help you focus on what really matters

Believe. Focus. Do is NOT for you if:

  • you’re not interested in delving deeper into your feelings, or finding out what makes you shine
  • you’re already focused and meditate so much it feels like you’re levitating!
  • you’ve already learnt to listen to year heart, have build your belief foundation and have a lovely inner strength

Payment Options

Note: This program is currently in Test phase.  I am taking on a small number of clients, and from my heart, will give them the best that I can.  Once I have reviewed the program, the price will increase.  I know you understand xx

I finally feel like I can get on top of my life! Particularly with the schedules/templates – I love having lists and ticking things off and I love being organised so these have been really exciting for me and I love the fact that I have all aspects of my day to day life covered in them. Also the fact that it covers both the things that need to be done and the things I want to do!

I feel more relaxed and in control now. I love that you didn’t just teach me how to organise and manage my time better but got me thinking about how I really want to be spending my time and what is important to me. I now have lots of useful information that I can refer back to whenever I feel things are slipping once again or as I am tweaking things in the beginning and finding out what is going to work for me.

I got more out of this program than I thought I would. Especially in terms of the spiritual side of things (mindfulness, values, looking after myself) – I was expecting just tips and ideas for scheduling, organising, etc but I feel like it’s changed my whole thinking on lots of aspects of my life.

Thank you! This program is just what I needed. I feel refreshed and energised and it has changed my whole thinking about my time and how I use it. Instead of feeling like I am spending my days running around like a headless chook I now feel that my life is organised and that there is now time for the things that NEED to be done as well as the things that I WANT to do. As a mother and a woman I feel this is so important as we give so much of ourselves away but often don’t give ourselves a chance to recharge. Thank you Aerlie xx


Mother of 2