Hey Music Lover!

Do you struggle to stay focussed in your home office?

Do you need help getting into a productive flow quickly?

Want to know how Spotify
can help you stay focussed AND improve your productivity?

Join my Productivity Playlist Webinar on

Tuesday 26th July at 11am (AEST)

You’ll learn
– how to use Spotify. We’ll explore specific genres and playlists that I know you’ll love
– how to set up two Playlists for Productivity and Focus
– how to set up and schedule your workday so that your Productive Playlist keeps you on task, motivated and in flow

Hi I’m Aerlie
I’m a Business & Life Coach helping women in business feel more organised, through time management, productivity coaching, and online tools and systems training.

I create my own tools and systems to help me manage my time, do my best work, be productive, AND have time for the things that nourished me, because they gave me the energy I needed to thrive.

I’m also a music lover, and can’t wait to share how I use music to make my day more productive!

Before I met Aerlie, I was overloaded and over committed, trying to do too many things in limited time. I wanted to be guided into change and not dictated about what I should do and how to do it, but to explore new ways to work and be organised, and Aerlie was a perfect fit. 

Working full time, I’m more conscious of the limited time I have to build my business and the foundations needed support it moving forward.

My newly learnt organisation skills has taken the pressure off, I’ve compartmentalised what I need to do, and I can approach it instead of it floating in my mind repeating itself.

Aerlie is so approachable & patient. I feel the self imposed pressure has come off my shoulders and I now look at one thing at a time and get it done. Aerlie showed me that over-commitment actually hampers my delivery, and the softness and certainty of how she works is attractive.

I am simply more productive now. I highly recommend working with Aerlie, I’m sure I will be using her services again in the future.

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