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Welcome to Day 1: A Mindset Challenge

As an entrepreneur, it only takes one teeny, tiny thing to shatter your confidence, and set the spiral of negativity into play.

The doubts, the hesitation, the questioning and ultimately, the ‘I’m not good enough’ thoughts that suck the energy out of us and make it hard to get up again.

It’s such a hard space to be in, and the more resilient we are at recovering from these blips, the better off we will feel, and our drive picks up again.

Today, I’m breaking down a powerful strategy for building resilience into 6 steps. Don’t worry, they’re not too tricky. It’s just so that I can explain it easily for you.


A summary of the 6 steps:

1. Write down your no 1 2016 goal.

2. Write down a goal you have already achieved before – one that you are really proud of

3. Write down 3 things you did that helped you to achieve that goal. For example, was it your determination, your problem solving, your focus…?

4. Apply these 3 things to your new goal. You know these helped you in the past, and this is your evidence that you can do it. Work out what you need to do to make them relevant for your 2016 goal.

5. Flesh it out – get really clear on what these 3 elements of your goal success will look like within your new goal.
For example, if you were proud of your focus, you could set up some regular time to meditate, or you could set up a focus routine to help get you in the zone when you sit down to work on your goal.

6. Create a Mantra.
I can do this. I’ve done it before. I trust myself.


NB – I didn’t state Step 5 in the video clearly but it’s still there!

aerlie wildy, business coach

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See you tomorrow! xx