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Ready Set Go Day 5

Welcome to Day 5: Find your Focus


Have you ever noticed how your energy wanes by the end of the day?

There are many reasons for this – but I’d like to suggest one important factor: you haven’t had a break all day. You’ve been working, pushing hard and concentrating hard all day.

I know that when I have days like that, the quality of my work also deteriorates – sometimes to the point of f*** it! And I can tell you that’s rarely good. It’s because I’m exhausted, and my level of caring has just been worn down.

This is why I am a fan of the Pomorodo Technique – because it encourages and allow for breaks. It allows the brain to have a quick refresh – and the level of focus is much much better, the quality of work remains constant, and I have a decent amount of energy left at the end of the day – so that I’m not cranky with the kids.

If you haven’t tried the Pomodoro Technique – have a look below at some of the links.
I’ve also included some links that will block specific sites during your focus time!

Watch the video and see what you think.

The Pomodoro Technique is 25 minutes of focus, and 5 minutes of rest.

I think it works even better when the rest time is AWAY from your screen, AND something physical. You need down time to recharge your brain.

Your Challenge today is to schedule 1-2 of these in your day and check out how focused you are during that 25 mins. You have to stay on one task!

Here are some helpful links:

Pomodoro Technique

Strict Workflow Chrome App

Otherwise – I just set my phone up.

Share an ACTION SHOT of you in a break – or deep in focus! #readysetgochallenge2016

Or share your insights on whether you’ve tried it before, or if you liked it.


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