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School holidays are coming up, so I thought you might like some tips on how to avoid hearing those dreaded words… ‘Mum, I’m bored’!

By now, you know I’m a planner, so when I first start planning school holiday activities, I make a list of the dates and write down what is planned already.  This could be play dates, a day a week at OSHC or a day with the grand parents.

From there, I know how many days I need to plan activities for, and it’s usually 3-4 days a week out of the two weeks.

I try to keep it all flexible depending on weather and opportunities that arise, so I end up having a bank of activities planned and use them based on how tired we all are!

So below is my list of activities that I might have up my sleeve, based on 3 types of activities, to keep them entertained but not exhausted.  If there are a few busy or crazy days, then I will pick a quiet activity, and vice versa, if they start to go la-la inside, I’ll get them out and about to use up some energy!

Inside craft

I am a big craft fan, and I think it is a great activity for both boys and girls.  It gets them using their imagination and is great for windy or rainy days.  Getting crafty with a friend can be great fun too.  Some of my favourite crafty activities:

– creating a scene out of anything you can find in the house (ie cotton wool, pasta, buttons, seeds) and lots of glue
– making and decorating a costume
– using masking tape to set up a car track over furniture, over the floors, include rocks, jumps and have races!
– Make a train and take ALL of your friends for a ride!

Outside activities:
– leaf rubbings with crayons and different shape rubbings
– making a nature treasure hunt and follow them as they search for feathers, poo, different colours, different shapes
– Hide the dinosaur – cordon off a medium sized area outside and take it in turns to hide your small plastic animals

Day trips (low cost)
– to the museum
– to the beach (even if it’s cold)
– to the movies
– to a market
– to an adventure playground
– to play a game of sport (tennis, basketball, soccer)
– bike riding on a track
– strawberry picking, if it’s in season

What’s your favourite school holiday activity that you keep up your sleeve?

Share one with us, as if we get enough I can post a compilation for everyone.

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