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Does your business feel like hard work? 

Is it taking over your life – and not in a good way?

Are you struggling to get it all done, and considering outsourcing, systems, CRM’s, funnels, opt-ins….until you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?

I can evaluate your business and develop a simple plan step by step, weekly guide to help your business run smoothly. 

If you’re confident you can work through the plan, but just need guidance around 

– what to do first, because everything feels like it’s urgent

– how to outsource so that you can spend more time working in your zone of genius

– what tools you need so that you can manage your team, or manage your clients

– what systems you need to establish so that you can stop spinning your wheels

– because you don’t have the time to research all of this on your own, then my Simple Plan is perfect for you.

We’ll spend 90 minutes together, delving into your business, auditing your systems, processes, operations, planning, online tools, and outsourcing plans.

Within a week, I will provide you with a Simple  Plan – the step by step
90 Day Prioritised Implementation Plan.

You can work through it week by week and get your business organised, set up for consistency, and even grow your team!

Your Investment: $250

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