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Systems Boost Session


Reduce the indecision and go straight to an expert, so that you can keep your business moving.

Systems Boost Session


If you’re looking for a one-off session to solve a specific problem, pick my brains or just can’t afford to spend hours watching Youtube then the Systems Boost Session is for you.

It’s a 90 min session where you can provide me with a snapshot of the issue, and we tackle as much as we can.

These one-off sessions are less big picture strategy, and more about SOS. If you need a solution that fits into your whole business, or for me to understand the whole workflow, then this might not be the best use of our time.

You will also be asked to complete a questionnaire about the issues you are encountering and the outcomes you are looking for.

Each 90min session is $300+GST.


Use this session to cut through all of the information you’ve been wading through and just get the ‘how-to’ on your next steps. 

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business efficiency consultant
business efficiency consultant

Here’s some ideas for the Systems Boost Session to fast track your business goals:

▶︎ Optimise your ClickUp hierarchy, custom fields and custom views for better efficiency

▶︎ Connect your Google Calendar to ClickUp and streamline your email>ClickUp

▶︎ Start documenting your processes and organisation system

▶︎ Create zaps to automate and integrate your business tools

▶︎ Map out a content management workflow and design it into ClickUp 

▶︎ Design the Doc templates and organisation to help you manage meetings & agendas in ClickUp 

▶︎ Strategise your outsourcing strategy and map out all the pieces you need to set up

▶︎ Learn how to optimise My Tasks in Asana

business efficiency consultant