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Systems Check in Webinar Recording

Here’s the recording for today’s webinar

Grab a pen and paper/ Evernote 🙂

Make some notes about where you need to focus your next systems upgrade.

Your next steps:

  1. Decide on which are you’re going to focus on and get really clear on the WAY you want to work
  2. Create the structure or framework and decide on the tool
    For example, is it for a month’s worth of content, or the client journey from payment to finish, or your weekly FB content, or your folder and sub folder names.
  3. Create the dot points from start to finish
    For example
    – all the social media you need to write in a month, the images, the copy, where they are scheduled
    – all of the emails a new client will receive until they finish – and after
  4. Test it

Have questions? Let me know xx

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Have fun with your systems