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Aerlie’s Focus on 15

I know I go on a lot about goal setting and having clarity in your vision, so in the name of transparency, I’m going to share with you today the things that I will be focusing on in 2015. I sat down an made a list and coincidentally, by the time I had finished, there...

Digital Declutter: Do Not Despair!

It’s one of those things you either have under control, or it is so frightful that we all act like emus with our heads in the sand, and hope for a ‘rainy day’ to actually spend time doing the ‘digital declutter’. As parents, I think it becomes especially difficult, as...

A Quick and Easy Kitchen Declutter

Part 2: Make Life Easier DeClutter Series I used to have an amazing kitchen, and was so proud of it.  I had a place for everything, it was custom built for my height and I was in love with it.  Now that we have moved house, I have a 1990’s caramel, unfunctional,...