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Tidy Frid’y Party

Here’s the recording! We covered a HUGE amount of information about getting your business organised.

First up was the training on Inbox Management.

We then spent 15 mins sorting by FROM and deleting the emails that you are never going to have time to read! (Some people deleted 5-10,000 emails!


Next, we covered your File and Folder structure, followed by some sorting and creating folders and sub folders. Check out the training for an idea of HOW to structure your folders.


Finally, we looked at Notes and notebooks, and I gave a short demonstration on Evernote, the webclipper, and the search function of Evernote.


Check out the replay:


How did you go?

Delete some emails?

Make a start with your downloads folder?

Get inspired by Evernote?

how to get organisedOK – so now you know what Tidy Frid’y is all about.

We do this every week, and it really makes a difference too your confidence, organisation, and just stepping up and being the CEO of your business.

Getting organised is a sign that you take this seriously! Are you in?

Click here to find out which areas we cover and how it all works.