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Are you an online business mum whose to-do list never seems to get completed?

Have you reached a point where you don’t even know where to start anymore because your list is so big it’s become too overwhelming?

A to-do list that constantly spills off the page in your planner causes overwhelm and unnecessary stress. It’s a sure-fire way to lose inspiration and motivation, because it hangs around, reminding you of what you haven’t done and just how much NEEDS to get done.

As mums, it means we often neglect the most important element – ourselves. Without first finding time to look after ourselves, we only spiral further out of control.

We end up feeling like failures as mothers, as wives and in our jobs because we’re constantly chasing life to catch up to it.

What if you could makeover your to-do list and instead have a list you’re inspired to want to work on?

Imagine being eager to rise each morning, inspired by the possibilities of what the day will bring.

Imagine finally finding opportunities to spend quality time with your children and create lifelong memories, to indulge in one on one time with your husband, just like you did all those years ago and to be completely focused on your career without guilt for leaving other areas of your life unattended.

Most importantly, imagine experiencing regular moments of peace, calm and quiet where you can rejuvenate your own mind and body, so life can finally be lived with ease.More than a To Do List

That’s what you’ll be able to achieve from the To-Do List Makeover. During the makeover you’ll learn:

  • How to write an effective to-do list – that has structure and can actually be completed in a realistic timeframe.
  • The art of working through your day with ease and feel a real sense of achievement as you lay your head to rest each night.
  • How to manage the different elements of your life within your to-do list and make REAL progress on your life’s goals.
  • You won’t even recognise your to-do list after this makeover. It will be the hub of all your action. You’ll wonder what on earth was getting in your way in the first place.

 Create a to do list


So, what takes place during the To-Do List Makeover?

Face to Face: First up, meet with me, life coach Aerlie Wildy, either face to face or via Skype to create a plan to eradicate overwhelm and stress and create actionable goals that are achievable to build the life you want.

We’ll analyse your to-do list to help makeover your tasks and goals and create an actionable life plan with real structure. (45 minutes)

Screen Time & Templates: I’ll teach you how to write a realistic but inspired to-do list and you’ll learn my secrets to how to clear it by the end of each day. You’ll also receive my expert templates to reuse each day, along with insider tips. Download videos and templates


Easy Email Prompts, Accountability & Support: To help with long-term success, I’ll send you email prompts for your specific To Do’s, give you support, and answer questions for 28 days from our face to face session.

Finally, your chance  to know how to make real progress on your goals and get more achieved than ever before. The To-Do List Makeover will see you finally step into the real you – the you who knows what they want from life and goes after it.